World Premiere Announcement

June 11, 2014 Dungeon Master 2198 No Comments

Another month has passed and we’re closer than ever to sharing this show that YOU have helped create! Here’s a little video with a couple announcements in it, but in case you can’t watch it right now the info can be found below as well. Including a world premiere date!

First off, if you’re a backer from our Kickstarter campaign, you can view the live stream of our game on Twitch.TV on June 21st at 12pm PST! Feel free to subscribe to our Twitch.TV channel here. You can chat with us, tweet at us, Facebook message us, and otherwise keep us going for the session!

Then the big date! The world premiere of the first two episodes will be at GenCon in Indianapolis, Indiana on August 16th at 5pm in the Capitol I room! The event listing is here: – get your tickets now! If you’re going to GenCon you don’t want to miss this. These won’t premiere anywhere else for at least a month after that date!

In the meantime, keep sharing, subscribing, liking, and following us! Some behind-the-scenes photos and videos will be cropping up soon!


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