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June 23, 2013 Dungeon Master 2797 No Comments

Hello once and future gamers and welcome to Saving Throw! This is a baby version of the site, not yet fully formed or functional. But like a hatchling baby dragon I promise you it’s getting bigger every day! It needs your support to continue to grow and we’ll be bringing you a lot of info. Tell us how you found the site in the comments below!

So what IS Saving Throw exactly? It’s a webseries currently in development, produced by GadZook Films. Think Mythbusters meets TableTop! We stray away from the all too common “kitchen table” discussion of the rules which can be dry and tedious. Instead our hosts will take you on location so you’re seeing exactly how each section of the Player’s Handbook (or Investigators Manual, or Runner’s Guide, or whatever RPG you decide to pick up) affects your character. Then we’ll get into gameplay using the characters we built in the tutorial sections. You’ll quickly learn how to build and develop your characters for a fun gaming experience. But more than that we want to show you that ANYONE can play!

Perhaps the pièce de résistance of the show is our live-action, in-world aspect. We’ll develop a script from the actual gameplay. It’ll be like Lord of the Rings if you knew all the dice rolls Aragorn made at the table. As far as I know this sort of integration has never been done before on the web!

If you joined the forums, or Liked our Facebook page, followed our Twitter feed, plussed our Google+ page, or subscribed to our YouTube channel – THANKS!

Your early adoption will start to pay off, adventurer! Content will begin to trickle in and your comments will influence how we produce the show. We want YOU to be a part of this because, in our humble opinion, role-playing games are collaborative experiences.

In a short time this site will be a natural extension of the YouTube series. You’ll be able to get even more in-depth information not only about the show, but about how to play a myriad of RPGs. We’ll help you focus on getting started, finding a group to play with, and guide you to a fun and rewarding gaming experience.

In the end, we don’t just want to teach you how to play… we want to teach you why.

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