Twitch Clips of the Week: The Few and Cursed Learn-2-Play

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To note, the Saving Throw Discord is still blessedly Musk free, it’s the Saving Throw Clips of the Week! This week, a supersized edition featuring The Few and Cursed RPG!

Maximum Apocalypse (DriveThru RPG) – The Few and Cursed RPG (The Few and Cursed RPG on Kickstarter)

Saving Throw had the opportunity to preview Rock Manor Games‘ next iteration of their Maximum Apocalypse TTRPG, a role-playing game adaptation of The Few and Cursed comic book series by Felipe Cagno & Fabiano Neves. Over the course of three nights, Aliza Pearl, Eric Reichert, Randy Alvarenga, and Ronald Nealy were led by GM (and game designer) Scott Uhls through a post-apocalyptic world where water is the most valuable commodity on the planet, and the supernatural is all too real. Watch the whole miniseries at the Saving Throw YouTube, then mosey on over to Kickstarter to support the game in its final week! Check out a few clips from each episode below:

Character Creation (VOD)

Scott explains the World of The Few And The Cursed.

Randy’s Scholar.

Aliza’s Gunslinger.

Ronald’s Farmhand.

Eric’s Outlaw.


How luck works in The Few and Cursed.

What is Survival Focus?

How age affects stats.

Gameplay (VOD)

What are Davis and Cassidy doing here?

How Hamish and Amos linked up.

Entering New Jing City.

Cassidy makes her move.

Disarming a bandit.

Amos gives a warning.

Hamish reiterates.

The gang gets an invitation.

“You’re learnin’.”

The gang gets a job.

The Finale (VOD)

Amos opens up the interrogation.

“So tell me about this White Demon.”

“He said that he became…English.”

Davis explains a possibility of soul transfer via relic.

An idea for a distraction.

On the merits of bring British.

Setting up an ambush.

An ambush well-executed.

Cassidy burns a man down (figuratively). Amos tries to burn a man down (literally).

“Where are they?”

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