Twitch Clips of the Week: Ko-Fi Sub-A-Thon Marathon Edition – D&D New Capenna

November 19, 2022 djregular 539 No Comments

Another week, another flame lit, it’s the Saving Throw Clips of the Week! This week: The next installment of clips from our Ko-Fi Subathon!

Saturday – 11/5: D&D 5e (Amazon) – Ko-Fi Subathon (VOD)

We’ve got more highlights from Last Saturday’s Saving Throw Ko-Fi marathon, this time with D&D: New Capenna! Continuing the tradition of Magic: The Gathering meets Dungeons & Dragons that Saving Throw started with The Broken Pact and Dice Ex Machina, New Capenna takes us to MtG’s Streets of New Capenna! An art deco metropolis of chrome and steel, rule of New Capenna is contested by five demonic crime families, with our fabulous cast of players (Chris Mooney, Daniel Kwan, Lexi McQueen, and Michael Sinclair II) pulling off a caper at its heart, and DM Michelle Rapp at the helm! This one was a helluva time:

Once again, thank you to everyone that tuned in on the day of, and has shared the stream with their friends so far! Keep spreading the word about the Saving Throw Ko-Fi far and wide, because you’ve still got time to help us keep the channel alive and growing!

How to Join The Saving Throw Exploration Society on Ko-Fi

Want to help us reach our goal of 600 subscribers before Novmber 30th? Visit the Saving Throw Show Ko-Fi! You can always help us one of two ways:

  • One Time Donations: You can chip in at any time, for any amount just to show your support!
  • Membership: You can join the Exploration Society through our Ko-Fi and you’ll get cool swag, an exclusive monthly one-shot TTRPG adventure, access to VODs a week ahead of their YouTube premiere, and more of your dollar goes to keeping Saving Throw on the air! You’ll also be able to join exclusive events like Sunday’s watchalong!

The membership option is what will help keep the lights on and support continuing Actual Play shows, as well as the development of new content on the channel once our expenses are covered. We’re more than grateful that we’ve been able to provide a place for unique and diverse tabletop role-playing game content for 8 years, and we’d like to keep things going for many years more!

Get in touch with us on our Discord or our other socials on Linktree. For a more detailed catch-up with the worlds of our Saving Throw Twitch broadcasts, check out our extensive Wiki!

Join us next week for one more blast from the marathon!

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