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Twitch Clips of the Week: #EndALZ Edition

August 13, 2022 djregular 686 No Comments

We escaped the Predator by not being a threat, it’s the Saving Throw Clips of the Week! This week: We have some fun and raise money for the Alzheimer’s Organization on the #EndALZ Charity Event!

Saturday – 8/6: Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (PEG Shop|DriveThru RPG) – #EndALZ Charity Event (VOD)

Our annual, all day charity stream to help raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association took place last Saturday, with a double bill of Savage Worlds games featuring wonderful casts of characters, all run by the illustrious Saving Throw head honcho Dom Zook. We raised a very nice $2,169.69, and had a blast! Check out the full day at the VOD, and peep clips from both games down below:

Deadlands: The Wild West

Our first game of the day joined half of the Deadlands Learn-2-Play posse (Meghan Caves, Nik) right where the last game left off, and we follow them into the another plane where they encounter a Wildcard:

Savage Ducktails

Dom Zook brought Savage Worlds to Duckberg with his DuckTales TTRPG! In this session, Scrooge McDuck gets his nephews, niece, and a private eye (Randy Alavarenga, Riley Silverman, Robogoblin, and Ronald Nealy) test of his top-flight security system, but loses his Number One Dime in the process (special thanks to fellow mod David Costa aka SimiDavid95 for his help with clips):

Let me break out my Uncle Scrooge if I can!

“What’s in it for us?”


Scrooge and Child Endangerment: A match made in Heaven.

Webby comes by that “Impulsive” hinderance honest, she does.

“I don’t know if he’s famous, but he’s cheap enough.”

You wouldn’t believe Scrooge’s thoughts on friends and money. (Yes you would.)

The kids are(n’t) alright.

“Why do you always assume it’s me?”

Magicka’s Lair

Dewey won’t be fooled by “them.” Whoever they are.

Thanks once again to everyone who tuned in, shared the stream across their social media, and donated with the Alzheimer’s Association! Saving Throw appreciates the opportunity to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s and hopefully one day help to bring an end to this devastating disease. For more information on what you can do to help, visit ALZ.org

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Until next time, remember: Want to alleviate stress? Try being rich!

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