The Star Wars Saving Throw Holiday Special

December 11, 2015 Dungeon Master 2862 No Comments

It’s BARKY’S! IN! SPAAAAACE! tonight as we convert the Barky’s Brigade into Star Wars characters for a special one-off game using Fantasy Flight’s Edge of the Empire Star Wars RPG system! The festivities start at 8:30p PST on If you’re a Patreon backer at $5/mo or more, you also get special access to our pre-funk Q&A hangout starting at 7:30p PST!

Special Guest GM

Join CritJuice & Never Tell Me the Odds GM David Crennen, as he takes our adventurers on a galaxy spanning, uh, adventure!

Who’s Breaking Up the Band??

Not only that but one of the Brigade team members is leaving the group! Someone in the picture below will be playing their last game with us tonight. Come say goodbye!

Star Wars Donation Update

If you’re familiar at all with the Star Wars RPG from Fantasy Flight Games, you know that it plays a bit differently than D&D. During our Patreon Hangout we’ll be teaching the basic tenets of the system.

In honor of the new game, for tonight only we’ve updated the donations available to you. So if you’d like to affect the game in any way read on – and we always take suggestions! Donations are greatly appreciated and helps us make more and better content. You can also use XP, the point system that you earn for free just by watching the stream!

$1 or 120XP – Heal 1 wound or 1 strain.
$5 or 600XP – Add one Boost or Setback die to a roll.
$10 or 1300XP – Use a Destiny Point without flipping one over. (Upgrade a green dice to yellow or purple to red, for free)
$3 or 400XP – Get a re-roll
$20 or 2500XP – Add a Triumph and/or Despair to a roll
We’ll go back to D&D when we start back up next year! Click the link to follow or watch! And may the Force be with you!


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