Season 1, Episode 9 – Combat, Part 2

January 27, 2015 Dungeon Master 2178 No Comments

The final episode of the first season is finally here. Episode 9. I remember thinking last year how monumentally difficult it all looked. And it was! Nearly a year’s worth of work went into creating this show. But words alone cannot express the gratitude the whole team feels towards you, our fans, and your constant support and encouragement. You made this possible! I still wake up and think how tremendous that concept is. Thanks for being awesome and sharing these videos with your friends and gaming contingents. Let us know in the comments which RPGs you’d like us to cover in future seasons! What was you favorite part of this season? What aspect do you wish we’d covered more?

Till next week when we release the first episode of our Pathfinder gameplay video supplements… THANKS! Now LET’S DUNGEON!


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