Season 1, Episode 4 – Skills

December 9, 2014 Dungeon Master 2215 2 Comments

That’s right! It’s Tuesday so that means a new episode of the show! In this one we tackle SKILLS from the Pathfinder RPG system. If you’re new to gaming, new to Pathfinder especially, this show will really help you get up to speed and start your character!

For more in-depth character building techniques definitely check out some of the posts here in this blog. Share these posts and videos with your gaming group and by all means drop us a comment! They really help us continue to make these videos and keep up the site! Thanks!

And without further adieu! Episode 4!

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TylerDurden December 14, 2014

Nice videos guys! informative with the right amount of silliness lol Really helping me understand things that are confusing to a noob like myself
. Thanks!

    Dungeon Master December 14, 2014

    Awesome! Glad we could help! New video coming this Tuesday!


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