Prickly Tallstag & the Danger Seekers, Pears: Ep1 The Most Dangerous Dinner Party

November 29, 2018 Meghan Caves 185 No Comments

In this Savage Worlds sword and sorcery one-shot in between Wildcards seasons, we meet the renowned adventuring party, Prickly Tallstag & the Danger Seekers, Pears! The 4 have been invited to an island for a fancy dinner, but they aren’t as excited when they learn what’s on the menu.


Gamemaster – Jordan Caves-Callarman (,

Thola Khalid – Meghan Caves (,

Helm Nemtsk Jordan Pridgen (,

Liam Calabra – Dom Zook (,

Dervin Tallstag – Gaurav Gulati (,

Music by TeknoAXE (,

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