OrcCon 2014 and more appearances this week!

February 11, 2014 Dungeon Master 1709 No Comments

Top of the mornin’ to ya! As Day 2 of the Saving Throw Kickstarter campaign gets underway I thought I’d let you know about some places you can find the Saving Throw team this week!

On Wednesday, February 12th, from 7pm-9pm, we’ll be on 1337LoungeLive to play video games (I think those are “electronic RPGs”) and chat with YOU. That’s right, you can interact with us live. We’ll be answering questions, chatting about Saving Throw, and kicking each other’s butts at Mario Kart. Tell your friends and join us! www.1337LoungeLive.com

This weekend Ivan, Mason, and I along with some other surprise friends will be at OrcCon 2014 here in Los Angeles. We’ll be hosting a couple panels as well as GMing a massive coordinated 25-player Star Wars: Edge of the Empire game! You’ve got to see this in action! Here’s a listing of the events, for more complete details head over to http://www.strategicon.net/

Saturday, February 15th
12:00pm – Character Creation panel for the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire system (1.5 hrs)
2:00pm – Star Wars: Rebel Rising – massive campaign written conceived by our very own Mason McDaniel. 5 GMs, 25 players, 6 hours!
8:00pm – Meet the cast of Saving Throw – we’ll be around to answer questions, we’ll do live commentary on the music video Just Give Me a d6 and chat about Saving Throw to your heart’s content! (1 hour)

Sunday, February 16th
12:00pm – System Neutral Character Creation – learn the in’s and out’s of making a workable character for any system. If you’ve ever built a character only to end up feeling like you’re “stuck” with it, this is the panel for you! (2 hours)

And of course, there’s always our website at www.savingthrowshow.com. Lots of articles on a variety of topics for you to peruse. Read about Tyler’s first time playing D&D, or Ivan’s first RPG experience. Check out character builds for a Tetori Monk or a space archaeologist. Lots of good stuff!

Lastly, thanks for sharing the campaign amongst your friends! Aiming to hit $2,500 before the end of the day.


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