Dice Ex Machina

Set in the world of Theros and inspired by Magic the Gathering, this D&D show follows some unlikely disciples of the gods as they attempt to work together to right what once went wrong. Currently running the Mythic Odysseys of Theros which is set amongst the backdrop of the popular Magic the Gathering card game. Starring Danielle Radford as Dee, the gladiatorial bard with a penchant for showmanship; Jordan Pridgen as Lysandros, the cunning gambler thief; Ashlen Rose as Callista the Leonin warrior breaking from tradition; and Reuben Bresler as Claw the centaur with travel plans. And of course Riley Silverman as our Mythkeeper.

The show currently airs Mondays at 8pm Pacific Time on both the Saving Throw Twitch page, and on The Fantasy Network! You can also catch up via VODs or podcasts!

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