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Unexpected Results

August 25, 2019 Dungeon Master 552 No Comments
Saving Throw
Saving Throw
Unexpected Results

Our foursome took a breather from Guildpact business to attend a prestigious Simic year-end awards banquet dinner. But it wasn’t all fancy open bars and ballgowns, as the Mended Pact found themselves quickly embroiled in the complex world of Simic politics, with warring political factions of the Guild using the event as a symbolic battlefield. But that’s not all that happened that night; the gang also discovered a hidden truth of one of their own, shared details from their pasts to better prepare themselves for the future, and perhaps most importantly deduced the true identity of the Embermind Killer.


Riley Silverman as Velma Sweet
Jordan Pridgen as Astorok
Ashlen Rose as Tutturu
Gaurav Gulati as Lucian Ladrian

and GM Reuben Bresler

Episodes air live on

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