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Undercity Informer

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Saving Throw
Saving Throw
Undercity Informer

After narrowly escaping Golgari territory, the party began venturing through the Undercity to try to get back to the surface. Fortunately they stumbled upon a local devil willing to help guide them to an exit, but as it turns out he wasn’t entirely trustworthy and sold the party out to the Rakdos circus. Forced to perform for an audience of blood-hungry carnival-goers under the bigtop, the gang braved high wire acts, rotten fruit, greased pigs, and snarky enchanted skulls, thereby earning their way out. Eventually the party got home to the Generous Stray, where one of the party members made a deal with a devil of their own…


Riley Silverman as Velma Sweet
Jordan Pridgen as Astorok
Ashlen Rose as Tutturu
Gaurav Gulati as Lucian Ladrian

and GM Reuben Bresler

Episodes air live on

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