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The Seance

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The Seance

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Mysterium is a 3 part actual play RPG game inspired by the Mysterium board game and played using the Risus system, GMed by Meghan Caves. It is set in December of 1922 in the northern English town of Harrogate at the last and most notorious of the Bainbridge family estates.
The Bainbridge family has been encountering strange occurrences in their home as of late and Lorraine, the lady of the house, is growing desperate. Seeing that her family may be in danger if she does not act soon, she calls upon 4 well known psychics to investigate her home. 

In this episode, we meet:
Horace Duncombe III, played by Jordan Pridgen. Horace is well traveled within the British high society and he considers himself a Necroplasmologist. He utilizes the skill of pendulum divination, but he believes it to be a reaction to the natural world around him and that all supernatural occurrences can be explained through the natural. 

Madam Iris Moody, played by Makayla Lynn. Madam Moody is a world renowned empath. Traveling to wherever she is needed, helping those that have found themselves in supernatural trouble. 

The Great Vano, or Tommy Beckwith, played by Philip Rossi. Vano is a crystal ball diviner, but he does not particularly like his gift as he is afraid of foreseeing his own death. Instead, he has decided to utilize the Spiritualism fad of the time and his skills as a magician to tell the vague fortunes of those who would seek him out. He’s made quite a name for himself at this work.

Elliot or Ellie Baker, played by Heather Wood. Ms. Baker is a friend of the family’s. She is a flapper who utilizes automatic writing to wow her peers at parties and events, but it is more than just a parlor trick as her spirit guide often gives her information that can help those around her. 

In this episode, the psychics arrive at the estate and began their initial investigation only to come upon more than they had bargained for. 
Intro and outro music by Ross Bugden.
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