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Mausoleum Secrets

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Mausoleum Secrets
The Broken Pact

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The four reluctant adventurers-turned-Guildpact-officers continue their mission into the Undercity towards the Golgari guildhall in search of proof of guild leader Vraska’s malfeasance, and while there find a specific and particularly difficult to track down first edition tome. But Svogthos, the restless tomb where the Golgari hold court, did not make it easy on the party, as they braved slime, rot, poison, and more unusual challenges unique to the domain of the Golgari Swarm.  


Riley Silverman as Velma Sweet
Jordan Pridgen as Astorok
Ashlen Rose as Tutturu
Gaurav Gulati as Lucian Ladrian

and GM Reuben Bresler

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