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Flesh and Blood

August 20, 2019 Dungeon Master 568 No Comments
Saving Throw
Saving Throw
Flesh and Blood

Special Guest Jimmy Wong! Our adventurers traveled deep into The Red Wastes, the desolate wilderness reclamation zone of the Gruul Clans, on a mission to investigate the enigmatic Gruul guild leader Domri Rade. But a funny thing happened on the way to The Rage Pits, as circumstances took them way off the map. They ran into figures from their pasts like Astorok’s father, got more in touch with their primal aspects and received magic tattoos, and in the process rewrote some history of their own.‬


Riley Silverman as Velma Sweet
Jordan Pridgen as Astorok
Ashlen Rose as Tutturu
Gaurav Gulati as Lucian Ladrian

and GM Reuben Bresler

Episodes air live on

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