Devil’s Play

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Devil’s Play
The Broken Pact

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Sponsored by Wizards of the Coast.

The Broken Pact, with Lulu in tow, makes their way to an ancient forgotten library, where they plan to research Avernus, the planes, the magic of The World Pact, and how they can escape from The Nine Hells. They meet a pair of strange characters along the way: a flamboyant Tiefling performer named Viscion Quarrix (special guest Ryan Omega), and a nebbish human librarian named Dewey. Together, the party researches some of the secrets they came to unlock, and stumble upon a few more along the way.


Riley Silverman as Velma Sweet
Jordan Pridgen as Astorok
Ryan Omega as Viscion Quarrix
Gaurav Gulati as Lucian Ladrian

and GM Reuben Bresler

Episodes air live on

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