A Freaky Kind of Friday

December 19, 2019 Meghan Caves 311 No Comments

A Freaky Kind of Friday

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The Study Group wake up in each other’s bodies with no idea what happened the night before, and must work together to keep up appearances and set things right!

The Dean (twitter.com/wildcards_gm) played by Jordan Caves-Callarman (twitter.com/jordancallarman),

Adelaide Blackwood (twitter.com/wildcards_meg) Played by Meghan Caves (twitter.com/meghancaves),

Josh Sawyer (twitter.com/wildcards_jp) Played by Jordan Pridgen (twitter.com/jordanpigeon),

Rhan-Tegoth Stevens (twitter.com/wildcards_dom) Played by Dom Zook (twitter.com/gadzook),

Intro music by Zach Heyde (twitter.com/zachheyde)New episodes every

Friday 8 pm PT streamed live at twitch.tv/savingthrowshow!

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