Phoenix Dawn Command – Journal Entry #2 – Ink

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by Michael Robert Holmes

Letters from Pyre, from the Phoenix known as “Ink.”

I’m not sure whose eyes this is meant for, but as it seems my continuing path to chronicle the incredible events that befall me and my colleagues, I shall write ‘til the words flow no more. This particular dispatch follows the events surrounding my first mission as a Phoenix, lately of The Wing who has taken to calling themselves “The Reborn.”

It did not end well, but what a path that led us to The Dusk and back again!

The singular feeling of being disintegrated and remade by The Imperial Flame is unlike anything I have the appropriate words to describe. If nothing else in my life, I shall endeavor to find those words. To say nothing of the confrontation with the foul beings of The Dread that met us as soon as we arrived at the compromised Aerie. Truly, if I’m to tell these tales as they’re meant to be told, I shall have to expand my vocabulary greatly.

Art by Randy Gallegos.

There are a number of things that I have learned thanks to this first adventure as a Phoenix:

  1. The Harvester of Fear is very, very real. The cost of this knowledge was my life, as well as that of my Wingmates Varya and Iridia. While it’s true we have others, I will not so brashly face this fiend face-to-face again. My hope is that our surviving Wingmate, Eerie, made it back to Pyre unharmed.
  2. My Wing are capable in their own ways, and for as short a time as we’ve known each other I feel we have a camaraderie lacking in my mortal existence. At least, from what little I remember of it. They tell me these shadows may fall away as my time serving The Flame draws on, but there is no guarantee.
  3. The Bitter known as Varya has secrets even SHE is unaware, and the beast that dwells within her is powerful indeed. We shared time in the flame, and while I don’t relish the thought of that happening again, I am very eager to help her explore these mysteries…

As I sit and write this, it strikes me the light cascading from The Imperial Flame through my chamber’s window seems to be passing through me in fits and starts. Then in the next moment my flesh is as solid as ever. Fascinating. Terrifying. I suppose, however, that this new life will have many amazing and dumfounding things to show me before my 7th death.

May that day be a very, VERY long time coming.

For now, dear reader, I shall leave us all to ponder these wonders, and to study The Dread further that the light may overcome the dark.

Yours in Service,


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