Penultimate Season 2 Barky’s Brigade – Episode 11

February 12, 2016 Dungeon Master 2379 No Comments

If you’ve been holding out on watching Barky’s Brigade, there’s no better time to tune in. The part is reaching the conclusion of their mission: shut down the portal allowing waves upon waves of evil forces composed of a gnome/warforged army to enter the city of Perlamore.

Donovan, the paladin everyone loves to hate, has had his leg replaced with a warforged leg, and his hand replaced with a demonically-possessed head of a Pomeranian that’s obsessed with Asher, the party’s bard. A newcomer drow rogue named Dayl Clawthorne has proven herself in battle, but can she convince the party she’s on their side? Udo’s wild magics are consuming him while Arqe is just trying to keep her family together one last time.

The adventure continues tonight at 8:30p PST on both our YouTube channel and Twitch (as usual)! Our Patreon backers of $5+ can join in a special hangout session an hour earlier at 7:30p for Q&As and more behind the scenes discussion!

See you soon!

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