Live Stream Goes Live For EVERYONE

June 20, 2014 Dungeon Master 1548 No Comments

Hello everyone!

So we are gearing up for our gameplay live stream TOMORROW, Saturday, June 21st starting at 12pm PST. We hope you can join us. In fact…

Due to some requests from fans, not to mention our ultimate desire of being available to anyone, we will be opening up the stream. You no longer need a password to view the stream! Just login to at 12pm PST tomorrow and you’ll be able to watch, chat, and laugh along with us as Ivan takes us through our paces.

Please invite your friends, your family, your players – anyone who you might want to introduce to role-playing games. When we go live we’ll post a link on our Facebook and Twitter and Google+ so be sure you’re following us there to be notified.

We’ll be playing for about 4 hours, so tune in anytime between Noon and 4pm (PST). And while we’re playing be sure to join us in the chat room, tweet at us, leave comments on our Facebook, ask us questions and more! We’ll be taking breaks throughout the game to answer and chat back with you as we can!

LET’S GET READY TO DUNGEON! See you tomorrow!



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