Level Up With Our New Loyalty Program!

August 21, 2015 Dungeon Master 2551 No Comments

Are you a faithful Saving Throw Twitch viewer? Want to participate on the Brigade streams by sending the players a well-timed re-roll, or helping GM Mace with an extra bad guy? Don’t have any money to purchase those things? Well, we’re pleased to announce the all-new viewer loyalty program for Twitch!

Viewers now can accumulate XP just by watching our streams! This XP can then be turned in to purchase rewards. You can even gamble your XP to try and win more (or lose it all!).

You gain XP by watching our stream any time we’re live. Watch streams like:

MMOs with GM Mace – Mondays at 8pm PST
Rhoades Legacy – Tuesdays at 8pm PST
Amy is Frustrated – Wednesdays at 8pm PST
Barky’s Brigade – Every Other Friday at 8:30pm PST

Yes! We have a Barky’s Brigade tonight at 8:30p PDT!


Remember, you earn just by watching. So long as you’re logged into Twitch and in our chat room, you’re earning! You don’t even have to say anything! But the more active and involved you get (particularly sharing) the better chance you’ll earn Bonus XP.

In fact, if we reach 800 Twitch Followers by 9pm PDT tonight (8/21) we’ll give everyone in chat at that time a bonus 150XP.

We hope you enjoy this new system. For a listing of what you can purchase and to check your current values head on over to https://www.revlo.co/savingthrowshow


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