Just Give Me a d6 – A D&D Music Video

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Merry Christmas from Saving Throw, and Happy Holidays to you all! Many of you have been wondering when we’d release the first video for Saving Throw. Well your wait is over. We have officially released our first ever music video based off of one of our gaming sessions. These practice sessions will eventually form the basis of our Saving Throw webseries in which we teach and explore RPGs for you!

Without further adieu, here’s “Just Give Me A d6.” Hit the “Read More” link for more info!


The process of playing a round of 2nd edition Dungeons & Dragons and then filming a music video based off of that session isn’t all that complicated. We’ve always wanted to make content that could take our characters beyond the tabletop. So Tyler Rhoades, frequent contributor on the blog as well as the thief (and male singer) in this video, wrote some lyrics and pitched it to the group. One can only guess as to what made him choose P!nk’s “Just Give Me a Reason” as the background tune… but it fits so well!

This video represents the events that took place over one night of gaming. In fact, our FIRST EVER night with these characters. We had all gathered in a tavern, as is common for these types of things, and were generally unconnected. Suddenly the town guard burst in and began interrogating a lowly gnome in front of everyone, including little old us.

Being slightly inebriated, my wizard began accusing these jackboots of conduct unbecoming a member of the town guard. Tyler’s thief, being the sort of sneak you’d expect, noticed the bags laden with gold hanging at the soldiers hips and decided to defend the gnome himself. Ben’s dwarf challenged the guard to fight someone their own size, and Amy’s druid began instructing the rats to take down the captain of the guard.

Tyler’s pickpocketing of one of the guard’s did not go as planned and quickly we were thrust into combat. My wizard mostly avoided combat because, well, he’s first level. Through a drunken stupor however he did recognize the gnome as the town alchemist and decided he should help the wee one in this predicament so he made his way to cover the gnome’s escape. Amy’s rats attacked, taking the captain down. Tyler managed to draw an attack from the guard he tried to rob, which he deflected. Then Tyler did something none of us expected. He killed the guard.

Shocked by both his ability (to roll quite well) and his cold-blooded-ness, we all hightailed it out of the tavern with the gnome in tow. All of us now inextricably tied to one another through our defense of this little alchemist.

We’re still playing this campaign, although we’ve switched systems and are now playing in the Pathfinder system. There are tales of giant spiders, troops of ogres, and of course obscenely powerful faeries waiting to be told. A lot of what we’re doing will be making its way to the Saving Throw webseries where we’ll detail exactly how we created each of these characters, and we’ll teach you a bit of how the Pathfinder system works.

I hope you enjoyed this little diversion. If so, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and leave us a comment! And keep checking this blog for more RPG content! And remember, your Christmas wish is not the same as a Wish spell, so go crazy without repercussion!

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Its a Festivus Miracle!!!


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