Closing Up Shop

June 14, 2023 Dungeon Master 2172 No Comments

This is more of a follow-up to the video I posted back in September of 2022. You can watch that one here for any precursor info. Otherwise, read on!

So it took about a year; which is basically the internal timeline I gave myself to see if I could keep things going. But after genuflecting for a LONG time, and on the “eve” of our 10 year anniversary (the channel was launched May 2013 with our first content arriving in December of that year!), I’ve come to the decision that I need to close the doors for the foreseeable future.

While the channel is certainly able to hobble along as is, I simply don’t have the time I did even just a couple years ago to maintain it, let alone grow. I love the content we make, but I do not love making content.

I am immensely proud of Saving Throw. Many firsts in the streamed TTRPG industry happened on this channel. From highly interactive and influential chat rooms, to the rise of some industry super-stars, and the feature of over 85 different TTRPG systems highlighting creators from all walks of life. We outlasted and out-produced channels with budgets 10000x larger than ours and created an outlet for many to find and enjoy RPGs in a safe, inclusive, and rewarding atmosphere.

Hats off to the folks who can make that a sustainable career, and I’ve learned some valuable lessons which I’m happy to pass on to anyone interested in pursuing this as a paid gig. But ultimately, despite all the good, the grind of sustainable content creation is just not for me. 

Personally I’m going to take a step back for a few and breathe. Then it’s onto the next project! I’ll be working on my script for a Weird West webseries I’ve been sitting on since the first Deadlands campaign. I’ll also be working on tangential hobbies like electronics and woodworking – trying to build the best GM Screen in the world! And, of course, I’ll be gaming with my home groups and hitting up conventions when I can. So maybe we can meet someday. I’m looking forward to it.

Here are some things to note:
The last thing I’ll be producing will be the YouTube breakdowns of the Savage Pathfinder mini-series. Yes, they’re coming, I promise! Beyond that there will be no new pieces of content. I will keep the light on, a “ghost light” if you will, for things like charity work or special one-offs or presentations. Ya just never know. Never say never, as they say. But…

I will be shutting down the Patreon permanently. Thanks to all of you who supported us on there, but it’s no longer economical and Patreon just doesn’t fit into the overall scheme enough to keep it even in “sleep mode.”

I will be putting the Ko-fi to sleep as well – I won’t be shutting it down like Patreon, but I also won’t charge any monthly members moving forward as of July 1 (it’ll take me time to shut it all down…read on…). Ko-fi is set up a bit differently from Patreon however. I will be cancelling memberships on there to ensure you don’t get charged. If you have the time, feel free to cancel your own. But because payments are handled off platform (which is a good thing!) it means I don’t have a one-stop shop for closing it down. Don’t worry, I’m OK, and I haven’t had to rely on Saving Throw income to live for a couple years now. I’ll be fine. :)

I encourage you all to follow the Ko-fi page – it’s free, and if the situation ever changes that’ll be a good “in” for you in the future. But monthly sustaining memberships will all be cancelled moving forward!

SWAG – according to my records, we’re basically done with shipping swag. I have 5 more names of qualified individuals from the backer pool who are getting the last shipment. Since the Patreon/Ko-fi are ostensibly shutting down there will be no new shipments beyond those 5 individuals. Qualification means collectively, on either Patreon or Ko-fi, you had reached an accumulated $100 threshold. The bulk of supporters have contributed this amount and I’m extremely thankful! Enjoy those mugs and t-shirts!

If you qualified but forgot to send over your t-shirt size or address, I’m sorry! But with the costs of shipping ever mounting, especially out of the US, I just can’t afford to send anymore at this time.

I will have a VERY limited supply of some items that I’ll try to bring to cons or something for individual sale – or maybe even a handoff if it’s feasible. I will need my closet space back and my partner and I only have so much need for coffee mugs! 

The YouTube and Twitch will remain online for as long as possible – forever if I have anything to say about it! I see no reason why either would go away completely, especially not our YouTube. So you’ll be able to go back and re-watch episodes whenever you’d like! You do NOT need to subscribe on Twitch – that archive will stay up and is free for everyone. Although YouTube is the better archive overall and includes everything from Twitch.

Similarly I will keep the Wiki up and running.

This Saving Throw website will remain up and running but I will be dialing back website services to keep it a bit more financially manageable however. Right now it’s over $100/mo to keep it operational! The podcasts are self-hosted so that eats up a lot of that budget. I’m going to look into alternative resources for cheaper hosting of those, but full disclosure there may be an interruption of service.

And the Discord isn’t going anywhere though I may shut down some of the less used channels permanently.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Hit me up!

Thank you to everyone!! All of you! I appreciate the time, dedication and support you’ve given me and Saving Throw over the last 10 years! Keep those dice rollin’!


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