Clips of the Week (7/28 and 8/4)

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Couldn’t make it to GenCon this year? No worries, the Saving Throw Twitch Clip Round-Up brings the festivities to you! This (and last) week: The Mana Dorks mix things up, Tempting Fate, Wildcards, & the Uncanny Valley crews broadcast live from GenCon, and Wildcards: East Texas University return to the ST Studio with a new student?

Monday – 07/29: Magic: The Gathering (VOD)

Gaurav and Jordan continued their Magic: The Gathering Arenabased hijinks, with a few new experiments like fancy new graphics, and a game that could give Pictionary a run for its money. Check out highlights below:

7/31 – 08/04: Live @ GenCon!

One of the year’s biggest weekends for gaming, and Saving Throw was on the scene! This year’s GenCon in Indianapolis, IN had several panels and live shows from the cast and crew from STS, and we’ve got clips from some of them right here for you. First up, the fine folks from Tempting Fate took us back to the world of Toy Story, with GM Rick Budd Amy Dallen, Sam de Leve, Gaurav Gulati, and special guestMark Meer (VOD Coming Soon):

Next up, the Study Group from Wildcards: East Texas University had bit of a Spring Break adventure in Galveston, TX (VOD Coming Soon):

And finally, the Uncanny Valley: Cancer Cell cast rang in their very first GenCon appearance AND their very first live show with a one-shot where they dealt with a small mummy problem (VOD Coming Soon):

Friday – 08/09: Savage Worlds (DriveThruRPG) – Wildcards: East Texas University (VOD)

In session that takes place before Spring Break shenanigans but after Winter Break, the Study Group got back into the swing of classes, this time with a new student that didn’t seem the least bit suspicious at all (Edgar Chase, played by Saving Throw regular, and all around good egg, Eric Reichert). Dean Jordan Caves-Callarman got the ball rolling like he always does with a question: ?

And now for the highlights of the episode:

That does it for this week, folks! Be sure to check in the schedule and follow us on Twitter to stay on top all things Saving Throw!

Seeya next week and until then, GO RAVENS!

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