Clips of the Week (7/21)

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A fully-packed slate ahead of GenCon, it’s the Saving Throw Twitch Clip Round-Up! This week: The Mana Dorks work on their branding, we get a double dose of the RPG Exploration Society, and the deadly Holiday season comes to a close Wildcards: East Texas University!

Monday – 07/22: Magic: The Gathering (VOD)

Those good good Mana Dorks, Gaurav and Jordan played more Magic: The Gathering Arena, eating beans, and taking on challengers from chat! Check out highlights below:

The Dorks have a little trouble getting started.
In which we learn something about Jordan’s family.
Does reverse psychology work on gross beans?
Jordan gives the fans what they want.

Tuesday – 07/23: Trial By Trolley (On Kickstarter!) – RPG Exploration Society (VOD)

The fine folks at Cyanide & Happiness and Skybound Games have a new tabletop party game called Trial By Trolley currently funding on Kickstarter, where two teams and try to direct a hapless train conductor’s path onto the opposing team’s section of the tracks—and over a variety of potential victims. James Hudson from Skybound was kind enough to bring it by the Saving Throw Studio to play it with some of our friends (AKI, Gaurav Gulati, Eric Reichert, and Tyler Rhoades)! Take a look at some of the hi-jinks below, and back it on Kickstarter at the link above:

James has a weird way of pitching a game.
Tyler: A fan of old-timey prospectors. Not a fan of (certain) cats.
Some wise words (?) from Dusty Pete.
AKI’s iconic statement of victory!
AKI is gracious in defeat. Eric? Well….
Everything Tyler’s always wanted.
Rock solid logic from Eric.

Friday – 07/26: Savage Worlds (DriveThruRPG) – Wildcards: East Texas University (VOD)

We picked up right where we left off last week, with the Study Group contending with a killer Santa Claus set loose on the ETU campus. Would they be able to stop this menace and keep the freshman that was seemingly in its crosshairs alive? Before the gang could answer that question in this adventure based on Owen Lean’s Horror for the Holidays, Dean Jordan Caves-Callarman had a question of his own (and he even answered this one himself). Have any of the players had a near death experience?:

And now for the highlights of the episode:

The Study Group fills Glenn Mac in.
Not a great time for jokes, Calvin.
“How many pets have you had?”

“Santa” was nice enough to bring gifts for each of our Sophomores as they grabbed a quick nap:

Sawyer’s gift.
Rhan’s gift.
Addie’s gift.
Calvin’s gift.
Professor Glenn Mac is surprisingly easy to recruit.
Three figures appear.
Glenn Mac takes charge.
Not even death has dimmed Chief Bedford’s memory.
What Ratliff wants, and how to stop him.
“You’re gonna be okay.”
Good point, Calvin.
Speaking of good points….
Three figures return.

Saturday – 07/27: Shadow of the Demon Lord (DriveThruRPG | Amazon | Schwalb Entertainment) – RPG Exploration Society (VOD)

Mark Morrison from Campaign Coins came back to run another game for Saving Throw, taking a bunch of our friends (Aabria Iyengar, Tom Lommel, Mason McDaniel, and Steven Pope) into the horror-fantasy world of Schwalb Entertainment’s Shadow of the Demon Lord. Could our adventurers survive the worst the Underworld had to offer? And how does a bad crop of sprouts lead to the potential ruination of a town by malevolent spirits? See for yourself at the VOD above, or check out some highlights down below:

Amaka has a simple inquiry.
Our party is given an important mission.
Bravado restored.
Goblins are not pugs.
Defying corruption AKA Tom’s really good at RPGs.
Less a an adventuring party, and more of a family.
The realm’s tallest Dwarf.
Amaka issues a warning.
“She was dealing with dark powers…”
Dartmore’s to blame.
Wilfred means to doom his town.
Licko makes a choice.
A picture of humanity in clockwork and steel.
Orun is ready.
Dartmore offers our party a seat by the fire.
“That is the one thing you cannot do.”

That’s all for this week’s round-up! As always, keep up with our schedule, follow us on Twitter to stay on top of what we’re up to! Speaking of which, you can see our full schedule for GenCon there next week, so if you’re headed there check the event finder and grab tickets while you still can!

Until next time, LET’S DUNGEON!

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