Clips of the Week (7/14)

July 22, 2019 djregular 1547 No Comments

It’s time for a very focused Saving Throw Twitch Clip Round-Up! This week: Wildcards: East Texas University celebrates Christmas in July!

Friday – 07/19: Savage Worlds (DriveThruRPG) – Wildcards: East Texas University (VOD)

Following their trip to the museum last week, thanks to the fallout, the Study Group all had to spend their holiday in Pinebox. Things being what they are in East Texas University, they were all but guaranteed not to have a sedate holiday season. Before chaos reigned, Dean Jordan Caves-Callarman had a question for each of our Sophomores: What do you think about the holidays?

And now for the highlights of the episode:

Glenn Mac: “You have a choice…”
“Have you heard from Jackson?”
O Ravens Fight!
A rumor about some ETU students in the 80s pops up….
Sara sees something.
What Sara saw.
The Dean feels the holiday spirit.

That’s another round-up in the books! As always, keep up with our schedule, follow us on Twitter to stay on top of what we’re up to, and if you’re headed to GenCon, be sure to jump on our events this year before they sell out!

Until next time, GO RAVENS!

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