Clips of the Week (6/23)

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The weather’s hot, but the clips are hotter on the Saving Throw Twitch Clip Round-Up! This week: New Pantheon goes to a con, the Mana Dorks return, our pirate crew gets a few suprises on Ghosts of Saltmarsh, and the Study Group start the school year in earnest on Wildcards: East Texas University!

Sunday – 06/23: Scion 2E (DriveThruRPG) – New Pantheon(VOD)

Our godlings hit Vegas and not only found themselves in the middle of a convention devoted to their kind, but in competition at a God-Off. While Bells got prepped for a panel, the rest of the gang competed for bragging rights against other Scions in various feats of divine prowess. Before the games got underway, ST Steven Pope had a question for each of the band: Have they ever attended a convention?

And now, the highlights:

“Are you seeing what I’m seeing?”
Pink Hat Hacking.
Will puts on a literal clinic.
“Called out.”
“Why would you care about that?”
Greek Privilege.
“None of this is okay.”
“It’s sacrelicious!”
Will’s face here is all of us.
“You got this, Flynn!”
“How do I tell them?”

Monday – 06/24: Magic: The Gathering (VOD)

Gaurav and Jordan returned for more Magic: The Gathering Arena action, and this time (thanks to Wizards of the Coast and Magic: The Gathering) were able to reveal a very special a preview card from the 2020 Core Set!

When they weren’t introducing an iconic card to the MTG roster, Gaurav and Jordan took on all comers in the digital arena. Check out some highlights from their battles below:

Welcome to the Dorkdome.
Dom unavailable for comment.
Alas, there would be no comeuppance for the Dorks this time.

Tuesday – 06/25: Ghosts of Saltmarsh (Amazon) – STS Does DnD (VOD)

In the penultimate episode of their Ghosts of Saltmarsh adventure our sea-faring rascals finally made their way to the sea proper, contending with a pirate-hating veteran, an elder god, and complications of illicit parentage? See if they survived what DM Aabria Iyengar threw their way at the VOD above, or take a gander at some highlights down below:

“That checks.”
Addi (Havana Mahoney) doesn’t take too kindly to being considered one of the good ones (pirates).
Dirty Hank (Eric Reichert) knows himself well.
Has Addi revealed Eoj’s (Teri Gamble) true purpose?
Hank needs his money, and Trislyn (Negaoryx) is down to lend a hand. Or fist.
A familiar face from the past appears.
Addi might not be great parenting material.
Addi tells her daughter the truth.
“You solved my pirate puzzle!”
Ms. Gamble if you’re nasty.
Eoj gets an unexpected message.
“Welcome to the Ultra-Abyss.”

Friday – 06/26: Savage Worlds (DriveThruRPG) – Wildcards: East Texas University (VOD)

Are the Study Group ready to take on the responsibility of being Glenn Mac’s full time assistants? That’s the question they’d need to answer before this session of Wildcards was over, as the suddenly beleaguered professor needed their help, now that Jackson is MIA. They’d also have to contend with the bane of many college students’ existences, rushing for a frat. Before things got underwy, Dean Jordan Caves-Callarman got things rolling with a question. What are they looking forward to this semester:

And now for the highlights of the episode:

Barrett <3’s Sawyer.
The potential pledges prepare.
Glenn Mac has a job for the Study Group.
Our sophomores aren’t alone.
An unlikely adversary.
“The door.”
The culprits have hostages…
…and a strange doorway.

That does it for this week, folks! As always, check out the calendar to keep up on all the upcoming STS shows, including this week’s finale of Ghosts of Saltmarsh!

Until next time, GO RAVENS!

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