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Clips of the Week (6/20)

June 26, 2021 djregular 1235 No Comments

From Exandria to North Point Academy, we’ll be your running buddy, it’s the Saving Throw Twitch Clip Round-Up! This week’s tabletop roleplaying business includes: New Pantheon: Academia tries (and fails) to relax and All Games, No Masters unravels a mystery with Cobwebs!

Sunday – 6/20: OverArms (DriveThruRPG) – New Pantheon: Academia (VOD)

The Safety Squad (Aki, Critical Bard, and Eric Reichert) finally got a chance to rest after the climatic events of prom, and but their downtime wasn’t particularly restful. IRL shipping, invisible intoxication, and posession? Find out just how wild things got with GM Steven Pope at the VOD above, and check out a few highlights down below:

Wednesday – 6/23: Cobwebs (World Champ Game Co. Store (Physical) | World Champ Game Co.’s Itch.io) – All Games, No Masters (VOD)

This week, the gamers without masters (AKI, Amanda Powers, Max Issacson, and Randy Alvarenga) start their exploration into the world of Cobwebs, a game where take on the role of investigators, suspicious characters, and a labyrinthine world where someone’s gone missing and nothing is what it seems. See what exactly their investigator Kaya Darling uncovered in part one of their game at the VOD, and take a look at a few highlight clips down below:

That’s this week in the books! Next week:

  • Sunday (6/27) 2 PM PT: Owlbear Soup — More tabletop roleplaying and board game news than you can shake a stick at! Check out last week’s show featuring an interview with Shawn Merwin at this link right here!
  • Sunday (6/27) 4 PM PT: New Pantheon Academia — The anime high school shenanigans continue, as the Divinity-touched members of the School Safety Squad try to survive ’til the summer!
  • Wednesday (6/23) 7 PM PT: All Games, No Masters — The gang plays the second half of their game of Cobwebs!
  • Thursday (6/24) 7PM PT: We’ll be continuing our observance of the Summer of Aabria in the Saving Throw Discord‘s Pirates of Salt Bay channel for an Exandria Unlimited watch party!

Coming very soon, an all-star cast will teach you how to play the Dune 2d20 roleplaying game from Modiphius!

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Until next time, it’s Pride month: Engage in shenanigans freely and without judgement.

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