Clips of the Week (6/2)

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Welcome to June and welcome to more clips from your favorite TTRPG streamers, it’s the Saving Throw Twitch Clip Round-Up! This week: Tempting Fate played with The Doubleclicks, and Mysterium: Hidden Signs concluded its terrifying journey.

Sunday – 06/02: Lasers & Feelings (Grab John Harper’s Lasers & Feelings here) – Lasers & Aubreys (VOD)

Thanks once again to our generous donations from members of the Saving Throw community, we had another special edition of Tempting Fate, this time with the illustrous Doubleclicks and some talented friends (Richard Malena-Webber, Sam de Leve, and Zach Reino)! Rick Budd leads the table on a journey where they play as the road crew for The Doubleclicks and find themselves in the middle of a workers’ rights dispute among a bunch of snakes. You’ll definitely want to check out the VOD above for the full episode, including a fantastic finale song, but peep a few highlights below:

“D’you see anything weird out there?”
Buck’s always on the look out for more clients.
Noisy Devin’s sensitive ballad “Not Quite A Horse” AKA Roadie’s Lament.
The gang helps to sort out a very unique labor dispute.
“The violent one has a point.”
With labor protests come protest songs.
Cliff remembers Moshception.
The secret of Fancy Sauce™.
“Kickstart My Community Center….”
Buck opens up.
Get ready for the next No. 1 Jam of the Summer….

Monday – 06/03: Savage Worlds (DriveThurRPG) – Mysterium: Hidden Signs (VOD)

Our psychics (Aabria Iyengar, Jessie Hendricks, Jordan Pridgen, and Philip Rossi) had seemingly taken care of Kuchisake-Onna and had settled in to rest after a job well done. Unfortunately for Vano, and especially Aiko Smith, that rest would lead to a very rude awakening. Would the team be able to drive the Slit-Mouthed Woman away for good, and save the town of Eden Vale (and Vano)? And would they find out the real reason that she arrived there in the first place? The answers to those questions and much more can be found at the VOD finale up above, but you can whet your appetite with the highlights down below:

The Slit-Mouthed Woman returns.
*Dr. House voice* “It’s not tuberculosis!”
Aiko learns too late that the mantra didn’t work.
The Consequence has doomed the town. And Vano, or whatever.
The psychics find that they aren’t the only ones with extraordinary abilities.
The gang sets the record straight.
The gang finds Mr. Sweet, but he isn’t alone.
Am I pretty?

That does it for this week! Be sure to keep an eye out on the schedule to stay in the loop for all of Saving Throw’s shows, including our annual Saving Throw vs. Alzheimer’s charity stream event benefitting The Alzheimer’s Association:

Hope to see you there!

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