Clips of the Week (5/5)

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May marches in like a lion and brings new RPG clips, it’s the Saving Throw Twitch Clip Round up! This time: Tempting Fate took a trip to the Deadlands, The Broken Pact cast took us back to Ravnica for a one-shot, we met some Southern Scions in a New Pantheon, and Freshmen year is almost complete on Wildcards: East Texas University.

Monday – 04/29: Lasers & Feelings (Grab John Harper’s Lasers & Feelings here) – Wildcards: The Pony Express (VOD)

Thanks to your donations ONCE AGAIN, we unlocked one more special episode of Tempting Fate, this time where Rick Budd running the cast of Wildcards back into the Weird West world of Deadlands…as ponies. As bizarre as that sounds, the show delivered in more than spades. Check it out at the VOD above, and get a preview at the clips below:

Your donation dollars at work!
Jordan explores the space with relish.
Welcome to Wildcards, Rick.
Sometimes you gotta let Doc Sprouts ramble. Dolly (Meghan Caves) does not think this is one of those times.
Reginald’s (Jordan Caves-Callarman) feud with the Cloppingsworth family runs deep.
Seems legit.
Carl (Dom Zook) has impressive horsepower.
Things took a turn.
Gaurav’s having fun.

Sunday – 05/05: Scion 2E (Coming Soon) – New Pantheon(VOD)

American gods, living the American dream! ST Steven Pope takes us into the world of Scion, where all gods are real, and between them and the primordial Titans that would wreak havoc on the world, the Scions stand. Our players are these Scions, the offspring of gods:

We joined our Scions in Georgia, on the road to Athens when a near miss with the Georgia police leads to a Kelpie birthed from a basement, and a football stadium under attack:

Flynn: Supes not a criminal.
Something rotten in Denmark.
A fine stable of horse puns.
A Kelpie from the Valley.
“Meet Mama Wata.”
“Love is a behavior…”
Everyone gets an incoming call.
“I’m a Pokemon Master!”
“New laptop, who dis.”
Will’s new friend is good at their job.

Tuesday – 05/07: Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica (Amazon) – The Broken Pact (VOD)

In a special one-shot coming to you live from Saving Throw’s Twitch, The Broken Pact gang returned ahead of their appearance at Dungeon’s & Dragons’ live event The Descent! This time, Gaurav Gulati was in the DM’s chair, as Lucian sent the crew on a pre-finale mission to determine whether or not his father complicit in the scheme that the Living Guildpact set them on the path to investigate.

With their regular Azorius companion unable to accompany them, Reuben Bresler sat on the players’ side of the table as Agent Kendall to help the party in their efforts! Check out the full VOD above, and have some highlights below.

Astorok gets a bit meta.
Tutturu’s not worried at all.
Velma (Riley Silverman) happens to know what clandestine means.
Introducing Wakugalug.
Tips on keeping low-key from Astorok.
Agent Kendall’s got a meeting in the ladies’ room.
A pep talk.
Things go awry.
Loremaster Astorok.

Friday – 05/10: Savage Worlds (DriveThruRPG) – Wildcards: East Texas University (VOD)

It’s the penultimate episode of East Texas University, and the Study Group’s Freshman year is almost over. A perfect time to wind down, reflect, and maybe take a moment to relax. Nothing in Pinebox is ever that simple, though. Before things got underway, Dean Jordan Caves-Callarman posed a question to our students. What character from film or TV do they identify with:

And now for the highlights of the episode:

Addie reflects on how long she’s been “gifted.”
Things get awkward with Dennis.
Sawyer gets some relationship advice from his professor.
Rhan asks his mother an important question.
Does Barrett go to class?
Addie’s stuck in the middle.
Trust but verify.
Rhan gets a letter from his father, and a decision to make.
Calvin’s Edge unlocked!
Did Sawyer make a mistake? Let’s ask his friends.

Another week down! Be sure to keep an eye out on the schedule to stay in the loop for all of Saving Throw’s shows, and hit us up on Twitter!

Until next time, GO RAVENS!!

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