Clips of the Week (5/26)

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Closing out May strong, it’s the weekly Saving Throw clip round-up! This week: New Pantheon makes its way to Los Angeles, Mysterium discover the source of Eden Vale’s woes, the Mana Dorks took on the chat, and the RPG Exploration Society wasn’t afraid of spectral apparitions.

Sunday – 05/26: Scion 2E (Coming Soon) – New Pantheon(VOD)

With Memphis in the rear view, our gang of divine offspring made their way to Los Angeles. Specifically, a casino called Arcadia, run by Puck (yes, that Puck) at the end of a rainbow road. They encouraged the proletariat to rise up, met their parents, and were less than impressed with cosmic horrors, all en route to a big cliffhanger…because New Pantheon’s now an ongoing campaign! Check out ST Steven Pope and the rest of the crew at the VOD above, see some highlights down below, and be sure to tune in on June 9th for more Scion action:

River breaks down the party dynamics.
The casino at the end of the rainbow road.
Flynn keeps that thang on him, while everyone else keeps puns.
Puck introduces themselves.
Will has reservations about digging into their roots.
Flyyn and River cause a tiny distraction.
Meet Friar Tuck.
Bells finally gives their mother a piece of their mind.
An explanation and apology.
The Tuck-River-Flynn Buddy-Action flick is going really well.
Bells’ progenitor lets them know how she feels about her progeny.
Viewing unknowable horrors…and roasting them.
Keep it classy, Scions.

Monday – 05/27: Savage Worlds (DriveThurRPG) – Mysterium: Hidden Signs (VOD)

The psychics have found themselves at the center of an unlikely haunting, as the formerly quaint hamlet of Eden Vale has been plagued by the terror of a Japanese spirit. GM Meghan Caves guided our coterie of mystics further into danger as they tried to ward off the Slit Mouth Woman and save one of their own, and you can check out the episode on VOD, or check out some highlights below:

Horace is very concerned about propriety.
Meet Inspector Ward.
Horace ingratiates himself with the locals, yet again.
“Vano ALWAYS looks good…”
わたし、 きれい?
Vano’s been marked.
The Tale of the Slit Mouth Woman.
The team discusses their options.
Miss Maggie is tactful as always.
Vano gets a pep talk from his best pal.
That pep talk gets a little more toxic.

Tuesday – 05/28: Magic: The Gathering (VOD)

Gaurav and Jordan kept the Magic: The Gathering Arena train rolling, this time with match-ups against members of chat! Check out the VOD to see how our Dorks fared against the viewing audience, but you can see a few highlights down below:

The Mana Dork laugh is an evil laugh.
The Dorks may have chosen their donation incentive poorly.
Can anyone defeat these villains?
Yes, as it turns out.
The agony of defeat…and questionable promotions.
The views expressed by the Mana Dorks do not reflect Saving Throw.
Another attempt at an end bumper.

Wednesday – 05/29: InSpectres (DriveThruRPG | Memento Mori Theatricks) – RPG Exploration Society (VOD)

Who ya gonna call? Well, for the purposes of avoiding copyright infringement, let’s refer to them as the Apparition Apprehenders. The honorable RPG Exploration Society returns, and along with it, Tom Lommel made his way back into the GM’s chair to run a session of Jared A. Sorensen‘s horror-comedy RPG, where ghost hunting meets capitalism and bureaucracy. A cast of all-stars (Havana Mahoney, Negaoryx, Eric Reichert, and Amy Vorpahl) joined him as employees of a Detroit-based business, dedicated to ridding you of things that go bump in the night. What Canadian celebrity is their benefactor? Will inter-office romance threaten to hamper their productivity? What venerable space-opera franchise’s future hangs in the balance? All those questions and more are covered in the VOD above, but you can see a few highlights below:

The interview gets Olive’s hopes up for a befanged admirer.
October’s fraught forum admin career yields some personal information.
Quentin’s not a team player. Supposedly.
Maidriana knows what she wants.
Gosling’s rules.
Maidriana drives a hard bargain.
The interns AKA The Brandons.
The creature appears.
Thank you SO MUCH for your service.
Olive’s confessional.
George Lucas’ final journal entry.
Workplace drama is heating up.
The Goz comes through with a supply drop.

One more week in the books! As always, be sure to keep an eye out on the schedule to stay in the loop for all of Saving Throw’s shows, including Monday’s finale of Mysterium: Hidden Signs.

Until next time, LET’S DUNGEON!!

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