Clips of the Week (4/25)

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They’ve sworn vengeance against the Iga clan for its treachery, it’s the Saving Throw Twitch Clip Round-Up! This week on the world’s most dangerous tabletop roleplaying stream: New Pantheon Academia ventures into the land of dreams, and The Broken Pact has its season finale!

Sunday – 4/25: OverArms (DriveThruRPG) – New Pantheon: Academia (VOD)

The Safety Squad (Aki, Critical Bard, Eric Reichert, and Mika Midgett), discover (with a bit of help from Dean Wang and Mandy Murphy) that they can travel to the dreamscape in order to bring back their friend Orpheus. What secrets will they uncover along the way? Check out the VOD with GM Steven Pope to find out, and peep some highlights down below:

Monday – 4/26: D&D Mythic Odysseys of Theros (Amazon) – The Broken Pact (VOD)

Our heroes’ (Ashlen Rose, Danielle Radford, Jordan Pridgen, and Riley Silverman) arrive at the end of their quest and immediately dive into battle against the previously deceased Captain Finn, doing their best to protect Saphiea’s son, the new king of Chalcis. Will they succeed? Is Theros doomed? Find out at the VOD above with DM Reuben Bressler, and check out a few of the highlights down below:

That’s all of the clips for this week! Next week, look out for the following shows:

  • Sunday (5/2) 2 PM PT: Owlbear Soup — Tabletop news and reviews that you can use! Last week’s show with Dr. Jessica Herbert & Tracy Barnett is available at on YouTube at this link! Next week they’ll be talking with Ross Leiser of Outlandish Adventure Productions and Saving Throw’s own Eric Reichert!
  • Sunday (5/2) at 4 PM PT: New Pantheon: Academia — The God Kids continue to try to make it through another school year!
  • Tuesday (5/4) at 4 PM PT: Tales From Salt Bay — The Salt Bay crew heads back to the table for a continuation of their Monsterhearts 2 one-shot!

The Saving Throw Exploration Society on Patreon has met its first goal, but we’ve got bigger plans that you can still help us reach! For details, check out part two of Executive Producer Dom Zook’s breakdown of the future of Saving Throw and share this article on what to watch on Saving Throw with your friends!

As always Linktree for links to all our socials, our current shows (including VODs and podcasts), live show calendar, as well as Patreon and Discord links! If you’d like a more detailed catch-up with the worlds of our Saving Throw Twitch broadcasts, check out our extensive Wiki!

Until next time, don’t be subtle when telling your friends about Saving Throw.

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