Clips of the Week (4/14)

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Welcome back to the stage of history…of clips from the Saving Throw Twitch broadcasts! This week on the round up: Tempting Fate closed out this season with a trip to the stars, The Broken Pact‘s second season came to a close, and Wildcards: East Texas University put an RPG in your RPG!

Sunday – 04/14: Lasers & Feelings (Grab John Harper’s Lasers & Feelings here) – Season Finale (VOD)

Rick Budd and the Tempting Fate crew brought another wonderful season of Lasers and Feelings powered shenanigans to a close, this time with the original game, and some wonderful guests in tow (AKI, Cohen Edenfield, Teri Gamble, Kelly Nugent)! We joined them as the crew of the intrepid Raptor, and you can see their maiden voyage in full at the VOD link above, or check out some highlights below:

As the crew receives their mission, Cal presents themselves as an exemplary human being.
Introducing Sandwich, the Space Pupper.
Poptart solves the mystery of Cal’s odd behavior.
The crew’s host has opinions about “social obligations” and “robots.”
Rick waited a long time for this payoff, folks.
Much to the dismay to the rest of the crew, Cal has a handle one the situation.
When in doubt, trust your dog.
Androids in Love

To close out the show, thanks to the chat donations, the cast paid special tribute to The Wrath of Khan:

“I am now, and will forever be…”
“…your friend.”

Monday – 04/15: Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica (Amazon) – The Broken Pact (VOD)

It all came down to this! Our fateful party has traveled all over following the death of Tutturu’s mentor Mookie, and landed into a bigger conspiracy than they bargained for. In the aftermath of their final battle with the vampire Solaius, the Mended Pact (Gaurav Gulati, Jordan Pridgen, Ashlen Rose, Riley Silverman) had an even bigger fight on their hands, and a threat on the horizon that would threaten all of Ravnica. I’ll be sticking to clips from before the final hour of the finale, so if you’d like to see what Reuben Breseler had in store for our heroes, check out the VOD above, but whet your appetite with the highlights below:

What’s to be done with Solaius?
Velma issues a checkmate.
A means to an end.
“It’s not that far from who I was for a while.”
“You’ve already lost.”
“How is that justice?”
Tutturu tries to get through to Feather.

Friday – 04/19: Savage Worlds (DriveThruRPG) – Wildcards: East Texas University (VOD)

With Sawyer off at Coachella with Loralie, Adelaide took the opportunity to drag the rest of the group to a LARP! With guest Aabria Iyengar as a local regular, the gang finds their trip into a fantasy realm a bit more real than they bargained for. Before things got underway, Dean Jordan Caves-Callarman asked each of our players, ‘What is your favorite movie?”

And now for the highlights of the episode:

Calvin: Charmingly single-minded in his pursuits.
Dennis wasn’t aware of Rhan’s girl troubles.
Calvin ingratiates himself to their new friends.
Gadget, meanwhile, is a hit!
King Calvin makes a new friend.
All hail, King Longgroin!
Rene might’ve heard this spiel before.
A challenger emerges.
Someone isn’t respecting the rules of play.
Fair point, Renee.
Just one of MANY spectacular rolls this session.

That does it for this week! As always, keep it locked to the schedule, to know when Saving Throw will be live on Twitch with more of your favorite shows. Also, if you’re going to be in the Austin area from May 3rd to May 5th, make plans to visit Chupacabracon! The entire Wildcards crew will be there, participating in Pinebox Entertainment’s Doomtown Reloaded events (they’ll be playing in the second part of the Twilight Protocol Deadlands games), and running games all weekend!

Take care until next time, and GO RAVENS!

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