Clips of the Week (4/11)

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Let’s drop into the tabletop roleplaying car on the Infinity Train, it’s the Saving Throw Twitch Clip Round-Up! This week: The students at New Pantheon Academia pull a heist, and The Broken Pact gets stuck on a desert island!

Sunday – 4/11: OverArms (DriveThruRPG) – New Pantheon: Academia (VOD)

The Safety Squad (Aki, Omega Jones AKA Critical Bard, Eric Reichert, and Mika Midgett) set out to free Bastet’s spirit from a deck of cards, but that deck of cards was held in the possession of school dean Dr. Ash. The solution? Time for a heist, obviously. This of course led to some unforeseen consequences, including a trip back to adolescence for some of the gang. Peep the whole shebang with GM Steven Pope at the VOD link up above, and check out a few highlights down below:

Monday – 4/12: D&D Mythic Odysseys of Theros (Amazon) – The Broken Pact (VOD)

As the mission to save Theros rolls on, this episode saw our party (Ashlen Rose, Danielle Radford, Jordan Pridgen, and Riley Silverman) deal with familial tension, horrendous storms at sea, and inconvenient transmogrification. Just a normal day between planes for our heroes! See what DM Reuben Bressler cooked up at the full VOD, and enjoy some highlights below:

That’s all of the clips for this week! Next week, look out for the following shows:

  • Sunday (4/18) 2 PM PT: Owlbear Soup — Tabletop news and reviews that you can use! Last week’s show is available at on YouTube at this link! Next week Rich and Justin will be talking with the creator of Eberron and Phoenix: Dawn Command Keith Baker! Make sure you hang out for the whole show so you can participate in the crowdsourced adventure building!
  • Sunday (4/18) at 4 PM PT: New Pantheon: Academia — The God Kids continue to try to make it through another school year!
  • Monday (4/19) at 8PM: The Broken Pact — More ancient Greece-inspired D&D shenanigans for you and yours!

To hold you down before our next new shows, be sure to hit up our YouTube Channel! We don’t just have VODs, we’ve also got exclusive content like this review of The Land of Eem RPG from Owlbear Soup:

Or this video of Dice Ex Machina and The Broken Pact’s Riley Silverman designing a Hero Forge mini for her character Sapheia:

ALERT: You’ve got until the 30th to join the Saving Throw Exploration Society on Patreon to get in on all the goodies! Exclusive Exploration Society pins, members-only videos, handcrafted adventures for your own TTRPGs, and more! We’re trying to hit a goal of $1500/mo before the 30th, and head honcho Dom Zook added something to sweeten the pot:

Get in there and do the thing!

As always Linktree for links to all our socials, our current shows (including VODs and podcasts), live show calendar, as well as Patreon and Discord links! If you’d like a more detailed catch-up with the worlds of our Saving Throw Twitch broadcasts, check out our extensive Wiki!

Until next time, remember: Puns will never save you.

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