Clips of the Week (3/29)

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From our homes (literally) to yours, it’s the Saving Throw Twitch Clip Round-Up! This week: We work out some bugs on Wildcards: East Texas University

Friday – 03/20: Savage Worlds (DriveThruRPG) – Wildcards: East Texas University (VOD)

In the aftermath of their ill-fated foray into tabletop RPGs, the Study Group (Meghan Caves, Gaurav Gulati, Jordan Pridgen, and Dom Zook) have to deal with midterms and the sudden, strange reappearance of insect infestations in Pinebox. Last time they dealt with Johnny Chafe AKA Bugboy, he ended up in jail, so the likelihood of him being the culprit wasn’t high. But if not him, then who? Find out for yourself in the latest episode of Dean Jordan Caves-Callarman and company’s journey into East Texas University at the VOD above, and check out a few highlights down below

That’s it for the this week! Next week coming up, look out for the following shows:

  • Tuesday (4/7): Pirates of Salt Bay — A talkback with the cast on the most recent season, and where the Salt Baes go from here.
  • Wednesday (4/8): RPG Exploration Society — Dom Zook and friends (Aliza Pearl, Benjamin Dunn, Elisa Teague, Jb Jaura) head into a world of intrigue and espionage with Cold Shadows.
  • Friday (4/10): Wildcards: East Texas University — Back to campus, for the final year of the Study Group’s time in Pinebox’s most infamous school of higher education.

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On other channels head to the Dungeons & Dragons YouTube Channel to check out all the episodes of Dark Lanterns, an Actual Play series set in the world of Eberron. You can also check out Dark Lanterns as a podcast whereever fine podcasts are disributed.

Until next time, GO RAVENS!

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