Clips of the Week (3/08)

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Don’t worry if you’re cooped up at home, we’ll bring the games to you! It’s the Saving Throw Twitch Clip Round-Up! This week: The New Pantheon plays spy games, the Pirates of Salt Bay try to stem the tide of Hadal’s onslaught, and RPG Exploration Society shows off Band of Blades!

Sunday – 03/08: Demigods (Pre-Orders Coming Soon!) – New Pantheon(VOD)

Before we get to the finale, our table of god kids (AKI Eric Reichert, Sam de Leve, and special guest, Demigods creator Jason Mills) travel to an alternate world of espionage and intrigue, taking on the roles of spies for a divine intelligence organization. What precisely could Demigods bring to the cloak-and-dagger set? See for yourself what Herald Steven Pope cooked up at the VOD above, with a few highlights down below:

Tuesday – 03/10: D&D (Amazon) – Pirates of Salt Bay (VOD)

The whole crew (Teri Gamble, Havana Mahoney, Negaoryx, and Eric Reichert) back at the table, and Hadal’s agenda surges on as the season heads toward its end. Tots return, deities are imperiled, and one massive sacrifice is made to stem the tide. See what DM Aabria Iyengar had for our gang at the VOD above, with a few excerpts down below:

Wednesday – 02/26: Band of Blades (Evil HatEvil Hat Online Store, DTRPG) – RPG Exploration Society (VOD)

Another week of RPGES, and another glorious return as Tom Lommel (he of the Ironkeep Chronicles and many other Saving Throw Show classics) makes his way back to Saving Throw and brings a table of fantastic players (Benjamin Dunn, Jen Kretchmer, Hope LaVelle, and Sam Dunne) to the Forged In The Dark dark military fantasy of Blades in the Dark! Our players are a harried band of soldiers attempting to beat bad the overwhelming hordes of a monstrous enemy, with only their skills and solidarity to help them. Peep VOD up above for the game, and the collaborative character creation at the link up above, with just a few highlights down below:

That’s it for the this week, everyone! Be sure to keep an eye on our schedule to stay in the loop for all of Saving Throw’s shows, and follow us on social media (Twitter | Instagram | Facebook) to see everything that we’re up to!

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Until next time, stay safe out there, and LET’S DUNGEON!

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