Clips of the Week (3/07)

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We’re back! And somehow still stuck in the house! But we’ve got plenty of tabletop roleplaying games to keep you entertained, it’s the Saving Throw Twitch Clip Round-Up! This week: The students of New Pantheon Academia take a visit to a haunted house, The Broken Pact makes it to the edge of the world, and All Games, No Masters concludes their game of Dialect!

Sunday – 3/07: OverArms (DriveThruRPG) – New Pantheon: Academia (VOD)

In New Pantheon: Academia, four students (Aki, Eric Reichert, Mika Midgett, and Omega Jones AKA Critical Bard) from the prestigious North Point Academy have to navigate highschool and being chosen by various Divinities to represent them on Earth. NBD, right? See for yourself every Sunday as GM Steven Pope corrals this cohort of god kids through their misadventures in Rookie Jet Studio’s Over Arms system, including this past week’s trip to a school-sponsored haunted house (thanks to a sub goal unlocked from viewers like you)! Check out the VOD in full at the link above, and a few highlights down below:

Monday – 3/08: D&D Mythic Odysseys of Theros (Amazon) – The Broken Pact (VOD)

The Pact returns! Continuing our long-running campaign (now sponsored by sponsored by Wizards of the Coast) in the worlds of Magic: The Gathering, our adventurers are in the land of Theros! Astorok and Tutturu (Jordan Pridgen and Ashlen Rose ) have found themselves with new friends (Danielle Radford and Riley Silverman) in a plane far away from their home of Ravnica. Will they make it home? Will Astorok ever have a dough circle ever again? Tune in every Monday to find out what DM Reuben Bresler has in store, and check out highlights from this weekend’s episode below:

Wednesday – 3/10: Dialect (Thorny Games Store) – All Games, No Masters (Episode 1, Episode 2)

All Games, No Masters is a limited series hosted by Aki, where they explore games without Game Masters (hence the title) with a bunch of their friends (Amanda Powers, Max Issacson, and Randy Alvarenga)! This week they conclude their two episode exploration of Dialect, a game by Kathryn Hymes and Hakan Seyalıoğlu where players tell the story of an isolated community through the evolution and death of their language. For their time with the game, the gang played as children abandoned by society in the mineral mines of an asteroid, banding together for survival. See how they managed, and what their language was like in the VODs above, and check out a few highlights from episode 2 below:

That’s all for this week! Next week, look out for the following shows:

  • Sunday (3/14) at 4 PM PT: New Pantheon: Academia — The God Kids continue to try to make it through another school year!
  • Monday (3/15) at 8PM: The Broken Pact — More ancient Greece-inspired D&D shenanigans for you and yours!
  • Wenesday (3/17) at 7PM PT: All Games, No Masters — The crew tackles their final game of the series!

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Until next time, if you don’t like clowns you’re in good company.

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