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Prepare yourselves for another Saving Throw Show​​​ (Twitch | Twitter | YouTube) clip round-up, friends! This week’s lineup: Tempting Fate took us to a galaxy far away with Star Wars, the Shadows of the Mirror-Men fell for one last time, the crew of the Garnet Laser Brash Death play unifiers on Deepwater Deep, the Flock Party meets up with an old friend on the Ironkeep Chronicles, and the Study Group return to the scene of the crime on Wildcards: East Texas University!

Sunday – 02/03: Lasers & Feelings (Grab John Harper’s Lasers & Feelings here) – Star Wars (VOD)

Force sensitive droids, shapeshifters, a Gungan that didn’t send everyone into fits of rage? It happened, gentle viewer, along with an appearance from special guest Eric Campbell! See what he, Markeia McCarty, Revati Dhomse, and Sam de Leve get up to, with Rick Budd in the GM’s chair:

Good to see the crew has their priorities in order.
TK’s up to the task of interpreting R2D2’s wisdom.
Ry carries on the illustrious Star Wars tradition the Wookie being the most genial member of the group.
Any landing you can walk away from….
A new hope for the last Jedi?
Tag yourself: I’m ‘Subpar Organic Systems’
Secret family connection revealed!
Forcetiming (!) w/Darth Vader.

Monday – 02/04: Mustants & Masterminds (PDF | Amazon) – Shadows of the Mirror-Men (VOD

In the final episode of Michael HolmesMutants & Masterminds miniseries, our heroes from Icarus close in on the source of the Mirror-Men, and find that its much more harrowing of a threat than they could’ve imagined. See how (or if) the team was able to thwart it, or if they’d fall under the Shadows of the Mirror-Men permanently:

Chuck (Eric Reichert) asks a potent question.
King Z’s (Steven Pope) making an effort out here.
The architect of the Mirror-Men’s rampage is revealed.
Nic’s (Jennifer Kretchmer) not impressed by villainous monologuing.
Skyler (Jody Houser) has the situation pretty well understood.
Nic executes check and checkmate.
Chuck’s very talented.
All aboard the Chuck Express

Tuesday – 02/05: Starfinder (Amazon) – Starfinder (VOD)

This week on Deepwater Deep (live from Paizo’s Twitch), the gang pays a visit to the leader of the Dominion, and former colleague of Methorc, ultimately surmising that in order to face the coming threats that an alliance between the disparate forces they’ve been dancing around is in order. Methorc, unfortunately, would throw a wrench in the works. Join the crew of the Garnet Laser Brash Death (Dan Peck, Jesse A. Durant, Jordan Pridgen, and Revati Dhomse) and GM Tyler Rhoades for the next chapter at the VOD above, or take a gander at the highlights below.:

Twill makes a pitch for unity.
The origins of the rift between the Dominion and the Deep Ones are revealed.
The goals of the Dominion.
After he makes his apprehension the crew piloting a ship previously helmed by a treasonous captain, Bek explains the Vesk’s solid rubric on an “honorable” death.
Twill: The face of the Resistance?
A brief aside on Vesk religion and theology.
Twill makes his case to Methorc
Warrior with the soul of poet….
The GLBD group chat is POPPIN’.

Wednesday – 02/06: D&D 5e (Amazon) – Ironkeep Chronicles (VOD)

Further along their quest to obtain the remaining parts of the Rod that got them into this mess, our heroes cross paths with another survivor of multi-verse’s destruction, but something about them isn’t quite the same. Join Level 4 DM Tom Lommel and the gang for more adventure at the VOD, or check out some highlights down below:

Badger’s (Kyle Capps) got a new name.
Strum’s (Havana Mahoney) thirst for vengeance leads to an interesting aside.
“Can we talk about Strum?”
Alton (Eric Reichert) gives diplomacy with a Dracolich a try.
Tom’s making fantastic headway on the road to Level 5 DM status.
Despite his current state, Xanathar still got jokes.
A very important callback (or flash forward).

Friday – 02/08: Savage Worlds (DriveThruRPG) – Wildcards: East Texas University (VOD)

It’s almost time for midterms, but the Study Group is all out of sorts thanks to the fallout from their first taste of campus party life last week. Will they make it out of the week with their grades in tact? How will they react to the bombshell that Jackson drops on them? And what will bring them back to the frat house? All those questions can be answered by checking out the VOD above, but Dean Jordan Caves-Callarman had a question of his own for the crew: What do you eat for breakfast?

And now for the highlights:

Addie’s research leads to nightmares.
So much for easing them in.
Quick thinking from Addie reveals a true romantic among the frat.
Share, Like, and Subscribe!
Rhan’s parents have the worst timing.
“Maybe we should just entertain the thought?”
What’s up with Argyle?
Sawyer investigates.

That does it for this week! Be sure to keep an eye out on the schedule to stay in the loop for all of Saving Throw’s shows, including Monday at 8 PM Pt for the return of The Broken Pact, our Ravnica set D&D show, broadcasting live from D&D’s Twitch!

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Until next time, LET’S DUNGEON and GO RAVENS!

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