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Closing out the month strong, it’s time for the Saving Throw (Twitch | Twitter | YouTube) clip round up! This week: The Broken Pact takes a trip to Gruul territory, Deepwater Deep meets a fallen god, the Ironkeep Chronicles go our with a bang, and we celebrate Halloween a few months early on Wildcards: East Texas University!

Monday – 02/25: Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica (Amazon) – The Broken Pact (VOD)

On their first official mission as Guardians of the Guildpact, our heroes make their way to the Red Wastes to work with the Gruul via their liason Daithi, a Gruul Centaur Barbarian, played by the fantabulous Havana Mahoney! Reuben Bresler is behind the DM screen as the gang learns about the fine art of tattoo preparation, and Astorok learns a little bit more about his family tree:

Astorok (Jordan Pridgen) is paranoid
Daithi introduces herself and it goes completely well.
Maia is a hard woman to get through to.
With every new adventure, Lucian (Gaurav Gulati) gets some new experiences under his belt.
Astorok makes a terrible first (or second, or third…) impression.
So much for the stealthy approach.
More than one Rok?
Gruul parenting instincts leave something to be desired.
Velma (Riley Silverman) can relate.
Tutturu’s (Ashlen Rose) accent is impeccable.

Tuesday – 02/26: Starfinder (Amazon) – Starfinder (VOD)

Following their less than successful (but not entirely unsuccessful) attempt to recruit the Stewards to their case last week, the crew of the still unaccounted for Garnet Laser Brash Death attempt to locate the vanishing “deity” Methorc. Sebastian (Hector Lowe) continues accompanying them along the journey as GM Tyler Rhoades mans the helm:

Bek and Cheeseboto bond.
Bek catches up while Mira (Revati Dhomse) doesn’t catch on.
“What sort of profile are we keeping?”
They’re just simple miners.
Mira: Sparkling conversationalist
Sebastian: Master of subterfuge
Methorc found!
Methorc’s opinion on aligning with the Dominion.
Just in case you forgot about the Captain’s (Jesse Durant) “girlfriend.”
We have a catchphrase!

Wednesday – 02/27: D&D 5e (Amazon) – Ironkeep Chronicles (VOD)

The time has come. We’ve reached the end of the Flock Party’s quest to reassemble the Rod of Seven Parts and remake the multiverse. We’ve also reached the end of the Ironkeep Chronicles, as this is the series finale of Saving Throw’s veritable powerhouse of a D&D liveplay campaign. Will our heroes defeat Ashardalan? Can Rawr see eye to eye with Strum & Alton? Will Badger remain unravaged by the trio of demon sisters? I strongly encourage you to watch the VOD above to find out, and see what Level Four DM (Level Five in my heart) Tom Lommel had up his sleeve for the conclusion of our journey. The highlights below are just the tip of the iceberg.

Welcome back, Badger (Kyle Capps)
On alignment and sex positivity.
The demonic sisters want a page in history’s rewrite.
Rawr (Krystina Arielle), Alton (Eric Reichert), and Strum still don’t see eye to eye.
Ashardalan goes low.
Rawr tries out some vicious mockery.
Tom sure is gonna miss these folks.
With Ashardalan defeated, the Primodium stirs…
…and the party is betrayed!
Behold, the Queen of Dragons
The Bahamut audible.
“Don’t give them any ideas.”
Bahamut’s final question.

Friday – 03/01: Savage Worlds (DriveThruRPG) – Wildcards: East Texas University (VOD)

February may have just passed, but on this week’s episode of Wildcards: East Texas University the Study Group is celebrating Halloween! Midterms are over and the gang are feeling the spirit of the season…until Jackson wants them to head back to the Roost where they were all nearly burned to a crisp. Would returning to their first brush with Pinebox’s weirdness be fatal this time? Check what Dean Jordan Caves-Callarman had in store for our freshmen at the VOD above, and peep highlights below:

We started with a question: “What does each member of the Study Group want to be after college?”
Calvin’s nightmare.
Rhan (Dom Zook) gets into the spirit of the season.
Poor Addie (Meghan Caves)…
Loralee didn’t come to play with Sawyer.
Calvin’s got a present for Jackson.
The task at hand.
At the Roost, they all catch a glimpse of what’s following them.
The gang shares a terrifying vision.
Will they escape the darkness?

And that does it for this week’s clips! Be sure to keep an eye out on the schedule to stay in the loop for all of Saving Throw’s shows, including our upcoming fund-raising marathon on March 16th! Starting at 9 AM, we’ll be celebrating Spring Break with RPGs, a bunch of our friends, and hopefully all of you. Spread the word!

Until next time, and forevermore LET’S DUNGEON!

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