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You know what time it is, time for more Saving Throw (Twitch | Twitter | YouTube) clips! This week: Tempting Fate‘s Star Wars saga concludes, The Mended Pact go to the pub for an evening on The Broken Pact, the crew figuratively shoots a longshot on Deepwater Deep, and the Flock Party runs into an old “friend” on the Ironkeep Chronicles!

Sunday – 02/17: Lasers & Feelings (Grab John Harper’s Lasers & Feelings here) – Star Wars (VOD)

Our Star Wars saga is finally complete, taking the action to just after the events of The Last Jedi, with help from special guest and former Tempting Fate regular Aliza Pearl! Watch Rick Budd ushers our PCs into a mission to destroy The First Order’s plans to subjugate the galaxy and obliterate the Rebel Alliance once and for all:

Introducing Senator Bebop Ginzar (Gina DeVivo)
The First Order’s marketing plan leaves something to be desired.
Reme (Markeia McCarty) introduces her new friend.
The Senator has a flair for the dramatic.
Juicebox (Sam de Leve) meets Kylo Ren…and is unimpressed.
Cici’s plot revealed.
Rushneck Wilbax makes a sacrifice worth of their 3rd cousin Akbar.

Finally, in order to get close to Kylo Ren in the first place, our Rebels participated in a bit of poetry contest to appeal to his angsty sensibilities:

Monday – 02/19: Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica (Amazon) – The Broken Pact (VOD)

On the word of Jace Beleren, the Mended Pact, or rather the Guardians have set themselves onto a new mission, live on Dungeons & Dragons’ Twitch! This week, our heroes find themselves in the less than cozy surroundings of a casino owned and operated by vampire and ne’er-do-well, Selias. While Astorok was away the party got an assist from Trivaz, an Izzet bureaucrat played by the always illustrious, Poisal! Join Reuben Bresler and they cast as they dive into the Ravnica once again:

Lucian (Gaurav Gulati) and Trivaz clash on ergonomic design.
The plan for subterfuge hits a Lucian-shaped snag.
The wait staff here aren’t particularly chatty.
Tutturu (Ashlen Rose) meets an old friend under unfortunate circumstances.
Velma (Riley Silverman) flexes her disguise skills.
Selias plays coy with what he knows about the crew.
“I didn’t NOT not commit a crime.”

Tuesday – 02/05: Starfinder (Amazon) – Starfinder (VOD)

This week on Deepwater Deep (live from Paizo’s Twitch) Tyler Rhoades manned the helm while the crew, with a little help from returning documentary filmmaker Sebastian Cherub (played by the wonderful Hector Lowe), attempted to court one last unlikely ally in their alliance to fight the oncoming invasion: The Stewards. Would they succeed? Find out at the VOD above, and check out highlights below:

Princess Pika Mika awakens…
…and Mira (Revati Dhomse) is immediately less than tactful.
Twill (Dan Peck) justifies some light insubordination to Captain Dean (Jesse Durant).
Twill’s got a plan to get close to the Stewards’ General Livesparke.
While he’s back home, William has something to show Mira.
William and Mira reflect on his purpose. And very briefly, other things.
Hard hitting journalism, indeed.
“The invasion is already here.”

Wednesday – 02/06: D&D 5e (Amazon) – Ironkeep Chronicles (VOD)

We’re at the penultimate episode of this season of The Ironkeep Chronicles, and the Flock Party’s nearly completed their quest to make the Rod of Seven Parts whole again. Can they be able to remake the multiverse? Will it even be the same multiverse that they knew? And will Alton still be Top Boy? All those questions could have dramatically different answers after their encounter with a de-aging Elven “teenager” named Thriska (played by the fantastic Negaoryx) during their quest for the sixth part of the rod. Peep the VOD above to see how everything played out in this session of Tom Lommel’s take on this classic adventure, and check out the highlights below:

Rawr (Krystina Arielle) and Thriska don’t get off to the best of starts.
Alton (Eric Reichert): Harbinger of prophecy?
So about that bow….
Time moves differently around our heroes.
Per Strum (Havana Mahoney), Alton has a type.
Asharlan has a plan to remake the multiverse.
Goltheus returns, with a shocking secret.
Thriska’s true form revealed!
“We’ll put a pin in that!”
Rawr tries for a longshot with a charm offensive.

That does it for this week! Be sure to keep an eye out on the schedule to stay in the loop for all of Saving Throw’s shows, and if you’re looking for your Saving Throw fix on the go, why not check out our podcasts via the podcatcher of your choice, including:

Until next time, LET’S DUNGEON!

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