Clips of the Week (12/17)

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Happy Holidays, everybody! It’s time for the final Saving Throw Show​​​ (Twitch | Twitter | YouTube) clip round-up of the year! It’s been a heck of a year, and the gang’s final week of programming sent it off in style: Shadows on the Horizon second miniseries ends with a trip to the desert, we go on a holiday adventure in Ravnica, and Savage Worlds keeps us in the spirit of the season with a trip to the North Pole!

Monday – 12/17: Shadowrun (Amazon | DriveThruRPG) – Shadows on the Horizon (VOD)

When last we left our ‘Runners they had picked up their charge—a rocker named Crystal Eyes—and were taking them on a ride through the Mojave to get to their next gig. What sounds like a standard milk run is anything but once astral projection gets involved:

Wren and Kickstart discuss their father.
Keys and Crystal get acquainted.
Dez calmly asks Whiskey Jack for a favor.
“You are now astrally perceiving.”
Wren’s astral travels become perilous.
A special message to the ‘Runners from Daf Chic (Amy Vorpahl)

Tuesday – 12/18: Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica (Amazon) – Ravnica Holday Special – Izzet Christmas Yet? (VOD)

With the holidays upon us, Saving Throw Show gave us the gift of two shows that fit the spirit of the season. First up, Dungeon Master (or Christmas-ter, if you will) Reuben Breseler took us back to Ravnica, this time to go adventuring with a party of Izzet League Goblins sent to recover Santa’s List from a malevolent demon! Before the crew got started in earnest, Reuben asked each of them what they, or their characters most wanted for Christmas:

And now highlights from the episode:

Snotball has some ethical concerns regarding Santa’s list.
Clearly, safety protocols were lax in Santa’s workshop.
The mission at hand.
Delectable production design from Reuben.
The gobbos meet a friendly, familiar dryad.
Enter the Krampus.
Caroling with Litzette.

Friday – 12/21: Savage Worlds (Amazon | DriveThruRPG) – Return of the Christmas Goblins (VOD)

For our second dose of holiday cheer, GM Jordan Caves-Callarman guided an intrepid group of elves from Santa’s workshop on a mission to uncover what went wrong with a treaty between Santa Claus and the Christmas Goblins. Before they got started, each of our elves were granted names:

Highlights below:

How’s she hearing him, anyway?
A traditional elvish working song.
Things are getting super real on the North Pole.
The elves touch a yeti’s heart.
Ah Hah’s not exactly filled with the Xmas spirit.
Elvish names are stupid. Not classy and eloquent, like Goblin names.

That does it for this week’s round-up, and for the year! Saving Throw Show’s got a bunch of great stuff in the coming year, so keep an eye on the schedule to stay on top of them all. Also, for a look back at the year, check out #SavingThrow2018 on Twitter for video recaps of every show on Saving Throw in 2018!

Thanks for hanging with us throughout the year, and we’ll see you in 2019!

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