Clips of the Week (12/10)

December 19, 2018 djregular 1948 1 Comment

Welcome once again to the weekly Saving Throw Show​​​ (Twitch | Twitter | YouTube) clip round-up, friends! This week, Shadows on the Horizon continues with the return of our favorite elf twins, we have one last Campfire Chat with the gang from Wildcards, and on the season finale of The Broken Pact the party comes one step closer to solving their mystery!

December – 12/10: Shadowrun (Amazon | DriveThruRPG) – Shadows on the Horizon (VOD Here)

After our last episode with one job done and Torque off to other pursuits, our favorite elven Shadowrunners Wren (Ash Minnick) and Kickstart (Alcuin Gersh) catch back up with Dez, and get to know Keys before they’re all off on another assignment. Surely nothing will go wrong, right?:

Friday – 12/14: Savage Worlds (Amazon | DriveThruRPG) – Wildcards – Campfire Chat (VOD: VOD Here)

One last time, the players and Marshal for Saving Throw’s flagship Savage Worlds show gathered together to answer questions about Wildcards for you lovely viewers at home. You can see all of the Q&A in the VOD linked above, but thanks to your generous donations during the broadcast, they were also able to give some measure of closure to our dear posse. Check out the epilogues for each member (and a few NPCs) down below:

And in a parting shot, after the reveal that the next edition of Wildcards would take place in the world of East Texas University, the Marshal decided to call a little audible (thanks to donations from the friendly strangers in chat, of course): Click here for the clip

Saturday – 12/15: Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica (Amazon) – The Broken Pact (VOD)

The final episode of The Broken Pact’s first season has come to a close, with our heroes finally coming face-to-face with the biggest lead in their investigation, but this lead has a lot to say on his behalf. Will the party be swayed? You can see for yourself at the VOD link above, but check out highlights from Reuben Bressler and company below:

Remember, if you want to see more The Broken Pact, be sure to share the VODs, clips, and word in general on social media. Also let D&D know on Twitter that you like to see this adventure continue.

That does it for this week’s round-up. Be sure to keep track of everything going on with the schedule to stay on top of all Twitch broadcasts from Saving Throw Show, and come back here next week for more clips!

Take care everyone and I’ll leave you with the tender, plaintive sounds of Jordan and Gaurav’s final harmonica duet “Boy howdy, don’t this sound better on harmonicas than fiddles?”

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