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Time for another set of Saving Throw Show​​​ (Twitch | Twitter | YouTube) clips to close out your week! We’ve got a killer lineup that includes: Tempting Fate introducing us to yet another amazing arachnid with Into The Spider-Verse, Deepwater Deep returns with an assist from Paizo, our adventurers in the Ironkeep Chronicles deal with the end of the world, and we welcome a group of freshmen to Pinebox, TX in the premiere of Wildcards: East Texas University!

Sunday – 01/13: Lasers & Feelings (Grab John Harper’s Lasers & Feelings here) – Into The Spider-Verse (VOD)

Our spectacular spiders from last week find themselves in yet another reality, and joined by a new hero named Diving Bell (played by Xander Jeanneret)! Check out the full game at the link up above, and see highlights from our heroes in the clips below:

Introducing Bellamy Baker
Rene still hasn’t quite gotten the hang (no pun intended) of web-slinging
Spider-Mouse, per his translator Spider Wolf-Man (Gina DeVivo), doesn’t appreciate Webb’s (Markeia McCarty) disrespect
Venom takes a hold of Rene and has a confab with her Iron Spider suit’s AI, Saturday
Spidey (Sam de Leve) presses Mayor Von Doom for the truth about the portals that brought all these spiders together
Webb finally does right by Peter Parker
Rene and Ben Parker meet again

Tuesday – 01/15: Starfinder (Amazon) – Starfinder (VOD)

They’re back! The crew of the Garnet Laser Brash Death returns for more adventures across the galaxy in the Starfinder universe, now coming to you from Paizo’s Twitch channel! When we last left the gang, Viceroy Bathar was dead by their hands, the Izlanti Empire was bearing down on Deepwater Deep, Mira had left to rejoin the Stewards, while the rest of the crew decided to follow a prophecy. What happens now? See how things shake out on the VOD above, and check out highlights below:

The “Great Ones” have returned
Twill (Dan Peck) reads the prophecy in full
Bek (Jordan Pridgen) discusses his misgivings about Mira’s return with Captain Dean (Jesse Durant), to Mira’s consternation
Bek issues an ultimatum
The crew takes an unsettling means of conveyance
If only they’d known…

Wednesday – 01/16: D&D 5e (Amazon) – Ironkeep Chronicles (VOD)

Last week’s episode closed with the destruction of the Multiverse. Helluva way to start a season, and things only get stranger from there as the Flock Party somehow rebounds from everything they know being laid to waste. To see where oblivion led them, check the VOD up above, with highlights down below:

Rawr (Krystina Arielle) looks on the bright side
How the universe ended…and the Flock Party’s part in it
Ironkeep Chronicles: A show of multitudes
Badger (Kyle Capps) and Rawr discuss the what remaking the world could m
Eric and Vana’s affecting new mini-series The Ferret Vendor will debut on Sundance Channel this Spring
Strum sings for her supper
Alton finds himself in ogre-sized trouble
Alton can’t believe the indignity of Strum’s Major Image ruse being questioned
A civilized method to solve disagreements

Friday – 01/17: Savage Worlds (DriveThruRPG) – Wildcards: East Texas University (VOD)

School’s in session for a new class at East Texas University, the new game for this season of Wildcards! Set 30 years after the events of 2018’s East Texas University: Undeclared, we’re introduced to a new group of college freshmen who’ll have to contend with what lurks in the shadows of Pinebox, TX. DEAN Jordan Caves-Callarman guides us into new territory for Wildcards, and asks the cast a question to kick things off: What were each of them most excited for when starting college?

Even the Dean got in on the act. Now without further adieu, the highlights:

Josh’s father believes in being prepared
Addie’s mother is less than impressed with ETU
Rhan has a purpose
An upperclassman offers some cryptic advice
Rhan’s just a little overwhelmed
Calvin’s new friend keeps things a little too hot
Addie: Not great at picking up signals
A strange correlation
The root of tonight’s evil

As always, keep an eye out on the schedule to stay in the loop for all of Saving Throw’s shows, including the Monday night premiere of a Mutants & Masterminds mini-series run by Michael Holmes!

Until next time, LET’S DUNGEON!

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