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January 13, 2019 djregular 1779 1 Comment

Happy New Year! Welcome to the first Saving Throw Show​​​ (Twitch | Twitter | YouTube) clip round-up of 2019! Things are back in full swing with a full slate of games: Tempting Fate takes us on a trip to the Spider-Verse, Ironkeep Chronicles returns to tackle The Rod of Seven Parts, and everyone’s favorite Savage Worlds dungeoneers hopped back into action!

Sunday – 01/06: Lasers & Feelings (Grab John Harper’s Lasers & Feelings here) – Into The Spider-Verse (VOD)

The Tempting Fate crew are back at it, kicking off Saving Throw’s inaugural stream for 2019, with Rick Budd and company (Gina DeVivo, Markeia McCarty, Revati Dhomse, and Sam de Leve) giving us the first session of a jaunt into the world of 2018’s amazing animated film Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. Each of the cast introduced us to their very own friendly neighborhood Spider person, including:

Check out the full game at the link up above, and see highlights from our heroes in the clips below:

Sam gets the puns cracking for the new year
Paste Pot Pete prematurely passed Pax Parker over
Webb demonstrates some dimensional webbing
Our Spiders meet
Following an encounter with Spot, the more experienced Spiders coach Renee on how to deal with villains
They also have some interesting methods for teaching web-slinging.
Spider Wolf-Man takes care of Kraven Van Helsing
Our heroes get a special message from Wakanda

Wednesday – 01/09: D&D 5e (Amazon) – Ironkeep Chronicles (VOD)

Ironkeep returns! Following the events of last season, DM extraordinaire Tom Lommel and the gang (with new party member Krystina Arielle!) are tackling the old-school module The Rod of Seven Parts. Two years have gone by, and the Flock Party is without their beloved Lowstorm, but Rawr Gardless has joined their ranks. Along with this, they’re still in possession of the final piece of the Rod of Seven Parts. Surely nothing will come of that, right? Check out the VOD above, and peep some highlights below:

Strum (Havana Mahoney) and Badger (Kyle Capps) sing a very well-known and beloved folk song…
Strum lays her money down, and Alton (Eric Reichert) approves
Alton gets a duel he’s had his mind set on since last season, and party lends (mostly Badger) their morale support
Rawr and Strum name their “baby”
Rawr doesn’t have to mourn alone
A few inspirational words that take a dark turn…
Thanks to chat, the party has to contend with a legendarily fearsome beast.
Strum, for her part, is very sensible in her reaction to the whole mess.

Friday – 01/11: Savage Worlds (DriveThruRPG) – (VOD)

BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED (and donated for) IT! GM Jordan Caves-Callarman and the Wildcards crew step back into the traveling boots of the the most inexplicably named adventuring party on Twitch, Prickly Tallstag and the Danger Seekers, Pears. This time we join the gang as their village is celebrating the holiday of Luthmas, a joyful tradition of (mandatory) heartfelt giving. Unfortunately for the party and everyone else, the festivities have been going for 17 DAYS STRAIGHT. Find out why in the VOD above, and check out highlights below:

Perpetual Luthmas takes its toll on everyone, chat included.
Helm’s (Jordan Pridgen) first day gift for Luthmas found his heart in the right place. Doesn’t help those birds, though.
Luthmas’ wrath takes another casualty.
When called upon for his 17th day of giving, Derven (Gaurav Gulati) had a hat for Thola (Meghan Caves), and a big change for the party.
The party’s given a very unfortunate job opportunity.
Lian’s (Dom Zook) day 17 gift also reveals a peculiar relationship dynamic between him and Derven.
Derven’s desperate to end Luthmas, no matter the cost
Thola’s 17th gift: Thoughtful, yet poorly timed
In getting to the bottom of the charge’s problem, the party reminds him of the true meaning of Luthmas.
From Lian’s impassioned plea, to the angry mob, to Helm’s (?!) common sense, everyone’s got good points.

That’s the end of the beginning, friends! Keep an eye out on the schedule to stay on top of all the cool shows we’ve got on deck for this year, including next week: The premiere of Wildcards: East Texas University and the return of Starfinder: Deepwater Deep!

Take care until next week, everybody! I’ll leave you with Krystina giving us what may be the next Saving Throw Show merch opportunity:

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