Clips of the Week (06/16)

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Summer begins, and the Saving Throw clip round-up brings you a boatload of highlights to celebrate! This week: New Pantheon came to the rescue, the RPG Exploration Society explores Bureau 13, we started a journey among the Ghosts of Saltmarsh, a new semester of Wildcards: East Texas University began, and STS took on ALZ!

Sunday – 06/16: Scion 2E (DriveThruRPG) – New Pantheon(VOD)

When last we left our godlings, they found themselves in a small Mississippi town whose residents don’t seem to be too keen on Scions of the various pantheons. This week, as they searched for their fellow Scion Jasmine, they’d find out just how not keen the town’s denizens were, uncovering a monotheistic cult along with other unfortunate surprises. Before things got underway, ST Steven Pope had a question for each of the crew: What is their favorite memory of their parents?

And now, the highlights:

Flynn meets his pops.
Contracts are fun.
The gang meets Loki’s kid.
“They were trying to kill her…”
“I care about people.”
Big Domme Energy.
Bells answers a question.
River and Flynn: Partners in good choices.

Wednesday – 06/17: Bureau 13 (Sneak Preview – Jumpstart HERE) – RPG Exploration Society (VOD)

GM Jordan Caves-Callarman and a cast of all-stars (Ashlen Rose, Meghan Caves, Nick Levy, and Tyler Rhoades) gave us all a sneak peek at the Savage Worlds revival of Bureau 13: Stalking The Night Fantastic. Its Kickstarter will be launching in September of this year, but the fine folks at Tri Tac Legacy let Saving Throw take it for a test drive! The truth is in the VOD, but you can catch a few glimpses in the highlights below:

Tyler flexes his accent skills.
Alex is great at cover IDs.
The team makes a great first impression.
Making the best out of a foul situation.
Anjelica tells it like it is.
Pip transforms!
Ruth’s diner has a charming waitstaff.
A nugget of info in a torrent of sparkling service.
Pip’s got a way with people.
A fishman spotted.
Inter-Species Communication.
Anjelica’s got an idea.
Tim and Anjelica don’t impress easily.

Tuesday – 06/18: Ghosts of Saltmarsh (Amazon) – STS Does DnD (VOD)

In the first episode of a three part mini-series, DM Aabria Iyengar takes a crew of fantastic role-players (Eric Reichert, NegaOryx, Teri Gamble, and Havana Mahoney) on a nautical journey in Dungeon’s & Dragons’ latest set of adventures Ghosts of Saltmarsh! It’s ‘no land lubber’s allowed’ as our crew of ne’er-do-wells start their journey (after a fair amount of less than wholesome detours) by looking for a job from the local bounty board. Set a course for the VOD above, or set your spyglass on the highlights down below:

Dirty Hank and Eoj are charmers.
A cutpurse picks the wrong mark.
Dirty Hank says no to misogyny.
The good news is that they found their target. The bad news…
Eoj has a moment of clarity.
A job acquired via pity.
Addi and Trislyn: Drakin’ Patnas.
Whoa titty, redux.
A polite-off.
They have fun, y’all.

Friday – 06/21: Savage Worlds (DriveThruRPG) – Wildcards: East Texas University (VOD)

School’s back in session! Our Study Group are Freshmen no longer, but would they succumb to the dreaded Sophmore slump? And would all of them be back to campus? Before those questions could be answered, Dean Jordan Caves-Callarman had a question of his own. What was each cast member’s favorite memory of summer?

And now for the highlights of the episode:

A (not so) new member of the Study Group?
Someone’s been scouting for Rhan.
Playing phone tag with a stranger they’ve all met.
Addie: The Funny Guy
Olivia’s fed up.
Everything’s coming up Adelaide.
Trouble rears its head once again.
Olivia to the rescue.

STS vs. ALZ Marathon Highlights

Finally, Saving Throw’s annual marathon as part of the Alzheimer’s Association Longest Day fundraiser to help fund efforts toward finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease went down on Saturday with tons of games and fun for a great cause. Altogether, the crew and all of our generous viewers were able to help raise $7,702! (And counting!) If you missed any of the fun, check out a few highlights from each of the games down below:

Danger Patrol – Beastmasters of Yagga-Mor

(GM: Tom Lommel, Players: Amy Vorpahl, Ben Dunn, Steven Pope, Riley Silverman)

The greatest Saturday morning cartoon you’ve never seen.
It’s a 90s cartoon, so there’s a gestalt robot. I don’t make the rules.
If you were wondering why the show got cancelled….
Fluffy’s sales numbers needed some boosting.

Masks: Desolation

(GM: Aabria Iyengar, Players: AKI, Eric Reichert, Havanah Mahoney, Negaoryx)

Where’s our headmaster going?
What happened?
Finally, a villain with pathos.
You got somethin’ in your eye….
Fastball Special AKA Sisters Shotput
Just a sampling of some of the feels on display.

Lasers & Feelings: The Great Mouse Detective

(GM: Rick Budd, Players: Nicole Tompkins, Sam de Leve, Revati Dhomse, Vince Caso)

These new recruits sure are unconventional.
#SamPuns are relentless in their efficiency.
Reading is fundamental, except when it isn’t.
This is a family show. Probably.

Savage Worlds: Keyhouse

(GM: Meghan Caves, Players: Dom Zook, Gaurav Gulati, Jordan Caves-Callarman, Jordan Pridgen)

Things escalated quickly.
Keys open doors.
Consensus: Debra sucks.
The Hercules key claims a victim.
Debra catches up to the freshmen.

Just because the marathon is over doesn’t mean you can’t still give, or spread the word about the great work that the Alzheimer’s Association is doing. With your help, we can see a cure for this horrible disease in our lifetimes. Donate at the Saving Throw Just Giving page, and visit the Alzheimer’s Association at their website, or on Twitter to learn how you can help #EndALZ.

As always, check out the calendar to keep up on all the upcoming STS shows, including this week’s return of the Mana Dorks!

Until next time, GO RAVENS!

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