Clips of the Week (06/09)

June 16, 2019 djregular 1740 No Comments

A light week, but a bright week, it’s the Saving Throw clip round-up! This week: New Pantheon returns!

Sunday – 06/09: Scion 2E (DriveThruRPG) – New Pantheon(VOD)

With a snazzy new intro, and our same loveable crew of godlings (AKI, Cohen Edenfield, Eric Reichert, Sam de Leve), New Pantheon has returned! Last Sunday in our premiere Scion: Second Edition RPG show (which you can now buy at the link above!), we left off with River using their car as a cruise missile to target a Titan, NBD. You can see how that little trifle ended up, and what other trouble GM Steven Pope got the gang into at the VOD, but catch some highlights down below:

Totally normal Flynn (Eric Reichert) behavior, here.
River (Cohen Edenfield) knows their friends.
Way to not make it awkward.
Will (AKI) chastises Flynn for some “Jurassic Park BS” (not their words).
Flynn’s skeptical of “help” and wrestling booking.
Cohen suddenly remembers what kind of table they’re at.
River engages in a bit of direct action.
Mami Wata has a request.
“I’m sure that was well meant.”

As I said, a light week, but the folks at Saving Throw will be making up for it in a major way! The schedule is fully packed, starting with more New Pantheon, a sneak preview of the Savage Worlds Bureau 13 revival on the RPG Exploration Society, the beginning of a 3 part trip into D&D’s Ghosts of Saltmarsh w/Aabria Ayengar, the season premiere of Wildcards: East Texas University, and it all wraps up with our annual Saving Throw vs. Alzheimer’s charity stream event benefitting The Alzheimer’s Association:

Hope to see you in chat!

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