Clips of the Week (02/16)

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(Not) brought to you by Golden Voice, it’s the Saving Throw Twitch Clip Round-Up! This week: The New Pantheon celebrates Valentine’s Day, the RPG Exploration Society returns, and the Pirates of Salt Bay get a divine invitation!

Sunday – 02/16: Demigods (Pre-Orders Coming Soon!) – New Pantheon(VOD)

It’s Valentine’s day for the god kids (Aabria Iyengar, AKI, Eric Reichert, Sam de Leve), and when we say kids we mean literally. For this special episode of New Pantheon, we join our favorite Demigods in an alternate universe, where they all attend a special high school for the offspring of gods…and thanks to your donations, somehow Herald Steven Pope has to make this session canon. While they wrestle with that particular problem, check out some highlights the juvenile shenanigans below:

Monday – 02/17: Decuma (On Kickstarter Until March 3rd!) – RPG Exploration Society (VOD)

Brought to you by Golden Lasso Games, Decuma is a tarot-inspired card game that lets you create important details for your tabletop role-playing games, collaboratively with the players and GM. Create character connections, locations, and even conflicts for any setting or game your crew happens to be using. Golden Lasso Games’ own Kimi Hughes stopped by the RPG Exploration Society to show a group of eager players (Jordan Pridgen, Riley Silverman, Pooja Sharma, and Ben Dunn) how it works. Check the VOD for the full session where they created two settings from scratch, and back the Kickstarter while there’s still time:

Tuesday – 02/18: D&D (Amazon) – Pirates of Salt Bay (VOD)

This week, as the collision course with Hadal continues, the crew (Eric Reichert, and Negaoryx, and Teri Gamble), gets invited into Helm’s celestial realm for some guidance with their task. And maybe that invite consists of being abducted by an overeager Aasimar (played by the wonderful AKI), but who’s counting? See DM Aabria Iyengar get these salty dogs in line at the VOD above, or check out some highlights below:

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