Star Wars RPG Actual Play – 001 – “Escape from Mas Shuuta”

November 14, 2013 GM_ Mace 5589 No Comments

Hey Folks,

Mason here. It’s time to listen to some cross-talk, dice rolls, and tons of Star Wars quotes in Saving Throw’s first Actual Play Podcast. Surprisingly during the recording no one said they “had a bad feeling about this.”

We got together and played with the Beginner Box for the Fantasy Flight’s Edge of the Empire RPG system. More specifically the adventure “Escape from Mas Shuuta.” This relatively new RPG system uses storytelling dice which dictate whether you succeed or fail, and the degree to which you do. Gone are the d20s of D&D. Take a listen!


We all had a fun time recording this at the Extra Life event at the beginning of November. We hope you enjoy it! We had Dom Zook who wrote a terrific article on skills, Josh and Bryan from DnDMelt, Garret and Deja from my normal gaming group, along with Dennis from Red Couch Inn. There will be more of these coming very soon. So be sure to subscribe to the channel and check the site for any new tidbits.

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