About Saving Throw

Saving Throw is here to help you discover, learn and enjoy RPGs in an inclusive and entertaining way.

Who We Are

There are a lot of great people in front of and behind the cameras here at Saving Throw. We couldn’t do it without the incredible people who get together to share their love of gaming.  Get to know the cast and crew of Saving Throw via our Wiki!


Dom Zook

Executive Producer, Co-Founder, Editor

Dom is a Saving Throw co-founder and has been producing web video since 2008. He was bitten by the RPG bug in the 3rd grade with the Basic Rules D&D set. Things quickly spiraled out of control from there. As Head Honcho he oversees all streams, video projects, and endeavors.


Tyler Rhoades

Co-Founder, GM for Starfinder: Deepwater Deep!, Editor

Tyler started playing 2nd edition D&D with his older brothers back in 1992. He co-founded Saving Throw with Dom Zook and Ben Dunn in 2013, and he works on the show as head writer, GM (Hoi Chummer), player (Lost Brigade), and video game streamer (Rhoades Legacy).


Gaurav Gulati

Talent, Producer, Art Director, Editor

Improviser, gamer, and now a roleplayer. Gaurav always seems to find a way to make himself even nerdier. He provides his creative talents on camera as well as behind the scenes with promotional art and video sketches for Saving Throw.


David Crennen

Game Master for Dungeon in a Box, Crit Juice, Never Tell Me The Odds

Called “America’s DM” by some – a dubious title of his own devising – David lives in a fantasy world that’s occasionally obscured by the veil of reality. He’s been lucky enough to DM for the “Crit Juice” and “Never Tell Me The Odds!” podcasts. He hopes to be a Zaratan when he grows up.


Benjamin Dunn

Co-Founder, Talent

Thanks to Saving Throw, Ben now has his own place, a woman that loves him and a job that pays well. If Ben can relay one thing to all the Throwers it’s this: Follow your dreams. Even if they are those scary naked chainsaw juggling ones!


Amy Vorpahl


Amy Vorpahl is a writer, actor, pro-RPG gamer, and singer/songwriter from Texas. You may have seen her on shows like The News Room and The Mindy Project, on the internet at Nerdist, Geek and Sundry, and Buzzfeed, and you may have heard her musical comedy album, “Songs in the Key of D&D.” She’s your IRL Party Bard.


Shawn Graham

Talent, GM of Dark Sun

Shawn is pretty cool. He coined the term “Garbage People,” and also single-handedly keeps our Heroes of the Storm teams alive.


Tom Lommel

Talent, GM of MNDF & The Ironkeep Chronicles

The Dungeon Bastard himself, Tom’s RPG career began before long before man conquered THAC0.


Havana Mahoney


With 10 years of improv comedy, 8 years of standup comedy and 2 years of sketch comedy experience under her belt, Havana loves meeting amazing creatives and collaborating with them on cool thinks like Saving Throw!


Traycee King


Traycee King is pretty groovy – she likes things and eats pastries.


Blythe Kala


Blythe is a host, writer, and glorified production assistant who loves all things geeky and nerdy. She started playing D&D ten years ago and has had a love for tabletop RPGs ever since. She’s currently one of the players on Miss Adventures and The Lost Brigade.


Michelle Otis


Michelle Otis has always had a love of the arts. She was raised in a family of artists, musicians, and circus folk (no joke). Other than music, one of Michelle’s interests has always been gaming. She used to spend hours poring over her father’s copy of the AD&D Monster Manual and other sacred tomes. Being able to combine her love of music with her love of gaming is a dream come true.


Steven Pope

GM for Uncanny Valley, Legacy, Garden of Good & Evil, MASKS

Steven Pope was born outside Sacramento, California in 1990 and then proceeded to live in the state of denial. He writes for geeky publications around the web when he’s not running narrative-driven games like MASKS or MonsterHearts.


Mac Beauvais

Talent, GM for Phoenix Dawn Command

Mac Beauvais is a true renaissance woman, or whenever it was that witches were burned at the stake. In addition to trying to break people’s spirit at the game table, she’s an actor, co-host of the Disney Distilled podcast, writer, model, and may or may not kill again.


Jordan Callarman

Talent, GM for Wildcards, Roll for Shoes

Jordan is an ex-actor and perpetual dabbler from Houston, Texas. He enjoys cooking and all things gaming. Though he grew up reading AD&D books and cut his roleplaying teeth playing D&D 3.5, Jordan’s favorite games to run are Savage Worlds and Roll for Shoes. Sometimes he is Trumpy.


Meghan Caves

Marketing Director

Meghan is an actor/yoga instructor/person who dresses up as characters and fights with swords at kid’s birthday parties. She loves cooking, singing, traveling, painting miniatures, taking pictures of everything all the time, and playing the occasional game or two! And cats!


Kelsey Osborne


Kelsey is originally from Denver and moved to LA to escape the snow and pursue fun new adventures including Improv, comedy, and even audiobook narration. Check out her awesome storytelling on Audible, and follow her silliness on Twitter and Instagram!


Nick Levy

Talent, Tech

Nick (aka Sungrowler) has been playing RPGs off and on since childhood. He is an avid reader and would prefer to know something about everything rather than everything about one thing. He loves making things in all materials – words, wood, cloth, leather, code, and steel. He’s a real cool dude!


Teline Guerra

Talent, GM for Miss Adventures

Teline is a writer, comedian, and filmmaker. She was raised in Georgia, studied improv in Chicago, and has an MFA from Ohio State. Her work has appeared in The Gettysburg Review, The Crab Orchard Review, and numerous film festivals.


Eric Reichert


When Eric isn’t ruling over The Legendary Free City of Tyr, he is a video editor who also performs Sketch and Improv comedy at The Nerdist School. He also co-hosts a weekly podcast called Just Cool Enough where he and a few friends talk about mostly nothing.


Jordan Pridgen


It’s Jordan! No, not that Jordan. The other one!